February 26, 2020

9 Recommended Restaurants in Puerto Princesa

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  • While Palawan is an island, the people don’t limit themselves by only offering seafood dishes. They’ve even found ways to make island food exiting by introducing exotic delicacies such as crocodile meat, peanut worm “wakwak”, and the woodworm “tamilok”!

    Philippine Primer rounded up nine recommended restaurants in Puerto Princesa where you can sample some of their gastronomic offerings from the well-known Filipino dishes to the exotic ones!

    Kinabuchs Grill and Bar

    Start your journey at Kinabuchs Grill and Bar located along the main road of Puerto Princesa proper, mere minutes away from the airport. Granted it is only open in the late afternoon towards the night, the restaurant offers familiar Filipino dishes, select international favorites, and a variety of crocodile meat dishes.

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    Try the Crocodile Adobado (Php 395) while in Puerto Princesa!

    One of which is their bestseller Crocodile Adobado (Php 395), a take on the classic Filipino dish only with smaller chunks of meat and texture not far from that of pork. It is cooked with coconut milk instead of soy sauce making it extra creamy!

    Address: 348 Rizal Ave. Puerto Princesa, Palawan
    4 p.m. to 12 a.m. (LO 11:30 p.m.)

    La Terrasse Restaurant Cafe

    Another restaurant just a stone’s throw away from the airport is La Terrasse Restaurant Cafe dedicated to serving organic, wholesome food. The menu is mostly inspired by European and Asian cuisines, most dishes play on original recipes.

    Laksa Soup (Php 315)

    Their highly recommended dish is the Laksa Soup (Php 315), a flavorful dish that will give your palate a head start. With the variety of food options and the romantic dining setting of La Terrasse, you will be sure to have a soulful dining experience!

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    Address: Rizal Ave., Puerto Princesa, Palawan

    White Fence Cafe

    White Fence Cafe in Puerto Princesa, Palawan is a humble courtyard cafe of the Purple Fountain Inn. Everyone is welcome to come in and enjoy a relaxing breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

    Big with taste and with serving, the Pasta Bolognese (Php 250) is a great meal to share with a date!

    Try their Pasta Bolognese (Php 250) sided with a big slice of french bread! This dish is one of White Fence’s local favorites and tastes meaty and heavy that one could have this on the side while working or chatting through interesting topics.

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    Address: 296 Manalo Extension, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
    (048) 716-3868 /0917-632-1593

    Hibiscus Pizzeria and Bar

    Hibiscus Pizzeria & Bar is a destination for those in search of wholesome food options and delicious bar drinks fit for casual hangout sessions. The most popular item of the restaurant is pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven.

    The Pizza of the Week at the time of our visit – Tomato, Mozzarella, Parma Ham, and Arugula Pizza

    The Pizza of the Week features different pizzas weekly, unique from the regular pizza menu, to offer something fresh to frequent diners. The atmosphere of the bar also becomes turns more romantic at night due to the lighting of the bar.

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    Address: Inside Hibiscus Garden Inn, Manalo Ext., Brgy. Milagrosa, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

    KaJoels Restaurant

    Take off your footwear and dine at KaJoels Restaurant, a garden restaurant in Puerto Princesa. Here, guests get to feast on Filipino cuisine surrounded by a beautiful garden and the warm climate of Palawan.

    The Sizzling Peanut Worm (Php 295) has a texture like that of octopus but lighter in flavor.

    Here you can try is the Sizzling Peanut Worm (Php 295) made with what locals call “wakwak” which are actually edible sandworms, cleaned and chopped into this dish.

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    Address: Abanico Road, Purok Centro, Brgy. Tiniguiban, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

    Badjao Seafront Restaurant

    Set on the bayside of Puerto Princesa, the spacious Badjao Seafront Restaurant concretizes the warmth unique to Filipino dining through its interior centered on wooden materials and a food selection that highlights local seafood dishes.

    Seafood Platter (Php 895)

    To get the best of both worlds—that is, the sea and the restaurant—grace your dining tables with the always fresh Seafood Platter (P895) that is a fanfare of fish, shrimps, crabs, mussels, squid, and fried seafood lumpia.

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    Address: Abueg Sr. Rd., Brgy. Bagong Sikat, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

    If your itinerary includes a trip to the Underground River or Honday Bay, you may ask your tour guide to drop you to these restaurants after your tour. Otherwise, you can take the local commute to these restaurants:

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    Viet Ville

    Tucked inside the story-laden Vietnamese Village alongside a church, a Buddhist temple, and several houses is Viet Ville.

    Vietnamese cooks molded the place back in 1997 with dishes such as their famed Chao Long (Php 150) that is a pungent mix of meat slices and seafood pieces, creating a rice porridge that holds the power of soothing you either before you begin a day of touring around or after a long haul enjoying the city.

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    Address: Km 13, Brgy. Sta. Lourdes, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

    The Smoky Place

    The Smoky Place is a nipa hut pizza place and home to classic wood-fired cob oven pizzas in Sabang. Such a unique place is sure to offer a unique menu so better get their Dessert Pizza (Php 200) with a combination of Chocolate and Banana.

    Dessert Pizza (Php 200)

    Those who are staying around Sabang beach will also get to enjoy their other servings as The Smoky Place is also open for brunch from 9 a.m to 12 p.m. Meanwhile, pizzas are only available from 2 p.m to 10 p.m.

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    Address: Sabang Beach, Brgy. Cabayugan, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

    Asiano Gourmet Cuisine

    Located along the shore of Sabang beach where boats dock for the Underground River Tour, Asiano Gourmet Cuisine is designed like a humble nipa hut along the beachfront and diners can choose to dine by the shore or inside the hut.

    With a long list of dishes on their menu, one can savor Filipino cuisine, Indian vegan dishes, Japanese sushi, and ramen picks, and live seafood all in one sitting!

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    Address: Beach Front, Cabayugan, Sabang, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

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    Which of these restaurants are you looking forward to visit? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below!

    This first appeared in Philippine Primer’s Japanese and English Magazine February 2020 issue.

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