February 28, 2020

Asiano Gourmet Cuisine in Sabang, Puerto Princesa: Your Go-To Place for Fresh Seafood

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  • Upon seeing the demand for vegetarian food in Sabang, Puerto Princesa, Chef Adonis Alvares opened Asiano Gourmet Cuisine where he cooks up vegan dishes for many tourists and whips up fresh dishes using locally caught seafood.

    The restaurant is designed like a humble nipa hut along the beachfront and diners can choose to dine by the shore or inside the hut. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, guests can simply sit down and enjoy the view while indulging on island favorites.

    With a long list of dishes in his menu, one can savor Filipino cuisine, Indian vegan dishes, Japanese sushi, and ramen picks, and live seafood all in one sitting! To start with, try their Vegetarian Thai Curry (Php 255) best paired with warm and soft Naan (Php 80/pc) for picking up the creamy curry!

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    Vegetarian Thai Curry (Php 255) and Naan (Php 80/pc)

    Another vegetarian dish Asiano is known for is their Pad Thai (Php 300) with rice noodles thoroughly stir-fried locking in flavors and spices. Now generously topped with fluffy eggs, you’ll want to finish the plate by yourself!

    Pad Thai (Php 300)

    Being on the shoreline and with the West Philippine Sea teeming with fish, Asiano serves up dishes upon dishes with fresh seafood. One of their best sellers is their Grilled Salmon Fillet (Php 875), cooked just right to keep the salmon’s creamy texture and sweetness. Sided with potatoes and salad, it’s a plate one would savor.

    Grilled Salmon Fillet (Php 875)

    Since late 2019, Asiano has been working on offering dishes that utilize fresh, live fish such as the Steamed Lapu-Lapu (Php 200/100g) and the Seafood Platter (Php 3, 200).

    Steamed Lapu-Lapu (Php 200/100g)

    Seafood Platter (Php 3, 200)

    Located in Sabang beach, diners can ask their boatman to dock by the beach and walk straight to Asiano Gourmet Cuisine along the shore! The breezy nipa huts make a great restaurant place to enjoy vegan dishes or seafood while gazing at the serene beach of Palawan.

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    How to get here

    • From Sabang Boat Terminal: you can walk towards the first street corner. If you have transportation such as vans, you may enter the street but you have to pay a car pass for Php 20. There isn’t really a bigger space for parking around as it is a beach so it is advisable to just leave it in the terminal and walk towards the beach area.

    • From Island hopping: You may opt to dock at the beach (depends on the wind and water current, just ask the boat captain and tour guide)

    This first appeared in Philippine Primer’s Japanese and English Magazine February 2020 issue.
    Written by Heloise Diamante

    General Information

  • Beach Front, Cabayugan, Sabang, Puerto Princesa, Palawan
  • 0956-629-3877
  • 8 a.m.- 2 p.m., 5 p.m.-9 p.m.
  • Cash
  • chefadonisarms@gmail.com
  • https://www.facebook.com/Asiano-gourmet-cuisine-436811483518890/
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