September 02, 2019

6 Must-Try Restaurants in Batanes

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  • There may be a limited number of cafes and restaurants in Batanes, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t enjoy what the locals have to offer. For instance, Ivatans have the local dish luñis, which is an Ivatan-style braised pork, among other dishes mostly made with beef and dorado or dolphin fish.

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    Majority of the foodie spots are homes-turned-into-restaurants—may it be in a garage or garden setting—serving home-cooked dishes that are made from scratch.

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    These are some of the restaurants in Batanes that you shouldn’t miss out on:

    Vunong Dinette at Jessica’s Place

    If you want to truly experience authentic Ivatan cuisine cooked in the original Ivatan way—no twists whatsoever—Vunong Dinette at Jessica’s Place is the place to be.

    This is absolutely the place to practice kamayan, or eating bare-handed, with their Vunong (Ivatan rice meal). The set meal only costs Php 300 per person.

    Vunong is comprised of uvud, Ivatan bistek, luñis, and tanige

    The dining area used to be a garage, but you wouldn’t notice that with its quaint setting. Note that they are strict on reservations so better call them at least a day before your visit.

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    Address: Taytay Rd., Brgy. Kayhuvokan, Basco, Batanes

    Phil’s Brew

    Phil’s Brew is dedicated to the owner’s late father, cocooned in a quaint garden just outside of their home. The menu differs every now and then as the ingredients rely heavily on the season.

    Sample one of the signature dishes dukayo (Php 120), a combination of the local root crop called dukay and sweetened coconut bukayo.

    Dukayo (Php 120)

    Argonsa St., Basco, Batanes

    Jino’s East Pizzaria

    Jino’s East Pizzaria features homemade pizzas that taste just like those you can see in fast food chains—even better. It is located near Basco lighthouse, easily making it a favorite stopover for tourists.

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    They have eight to ten kinds of pizza, with Jino’s Special (Php 400) being the crowd-favorite.

    Jino’s Special (Php 400) has a generous amount of toppings you’ll surely love 

    They also offer delivery or pick-up for only Php 30 service charge!

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    Address: National Rd., Diptan Basco, Batanes
    0908-370-4971 / 0956-669-9385

    Harbour Cafe

    Harbour Cafe is just 10 to 15 minutes walk away from Basco Airport, overlooking the harbor where it got its name from. Its artistic interior is as colorful as the home-cooked eats, such as pizzas, pasta, grilled meats, milkshakes, fruit blends, and more.

    While you’re at it, try their grilled platter comprised of grilled tanige (Php 350)pork (Php 280), and chicken (Php 320) for a meaty treat.

    National Rd., Brgy. Kaychanarianan, Basco, Batanes

    Yaru Art Gallery & Fip Cafe

    Yaru Art Gallery & Fip Cafe is an artist hub and coffee shop in one, featuring the Ivatan artist group named Yaru. They sell paintings ranging from Php 2,000 to Php 28,000.

    While the paintings will ultimately distract you upon entering the place, they also have mouthwatering offerings much like the Arayu Pasta (Php 295), composed of tomato and dorado or dolphin fish.

    And have we mentioned that it’s located in front of the beach? An artist haven, for sure.

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    National Road, Sitio Vatang, Barangay San Vicente, Ivana, Batanes

    Nanay Ching Restaurant

    Opened just last year, Nanay Ching Restaurant has easily caught the hearts of both tourists and locals. It has such a homey vibe, as if to resemble your mom’s warm cooking.

    For only Php 300 per person, you can already have a set meal inclusive of a soup (beef or pork), steak (beef or pork), chicken (if available, choice of afritada or chicken curry), fish fillet, vegetable (seasonal choice), and wakay (sweet potato) salad for dessert.

    One should also try the earthy yet naturally sweet Blue Tea (Php 200), which is made from a local flower that they grow directly in their garden.

    Blue Tea (Php 200)

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    Address: Itbud, Uyugan, Batanes
    0929-100-2284 / 0939-902-2287

    Which of these restaurants are you looking forward to visit? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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    Written by Yana Bautista

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