February 24, 2019

Marugame Udon Opens 4th Branch in UP Town Center

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    Marugame Udon now establishes their presence to north folks who like to get a quick, affordable, but exquisite Japanese food fix as they recently opened their fourth branch at U.P Town Center in Katipunan, Quezon City.

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    Although it’s now their fourth branch in the Philippines, Marugame Udon never changed their usual interiors– it still boasts a traditional Japanese restaurant look that will make you feel that you’re actually in Japan.

    However, there are new things to expect from their UP Town Center branch such as their creation of new Japanese eats, which they usually do every four months.

    Although they said that they would change the menu depending on how popular it is to their customers, the usual best sellers like the Spam Omusubi, Ebi Ten, and Spicy Pork Udon, are still up for serving and would mostly like stay for quite a while.

    Chef Roldan Pepito, the executive chef of Marugame Udon, introduced us to his newest crafts that will be served to every branch in the Philippines!

    Chef Roldan Pepito

    Heading to the latest cuisines, the first one that the Chef recommended is the Teriyaki Chicken & Beef Yakiniku (Php 220). It is a bowl composed of teriyaki chicken topped with sesame seeds and oil, kimchi, “teriyakiniku” beef, soft boiled egg, rice, and onion sprouts.

    Their kimchi or kimuchi, though, is different from the usual ones that we encounter. They made their kimchi a bit sweeter and less spicy, perfectly fits the typical Filipino food criteria.

    Teriyaki Chicken & Beef Yakiniku (Php 220)

    One of their newest offers is the Kimchi Yakiudon (Php 230), an udon dish mixed with sweet kimchi, bean sprouts, shrimps, cabbage, onions and a touch of sesame oil.

    Kimchi Yakiudon (Php 230)

    Tempura Ebi Kakiage (Php 80) would surely spark your curiosity from the presentation itself. It is a combination of sweet potatoes, shrimp, onion sprouts, covered with a unique batter mixture and fried to a perfect crisp!

    Tempura Ebi Kakiage (Php 80)

    If it happens that you’re new to Marugame Udon, here are some of the best sellers that have been present ever since it came to the Philippines in 2017.

    The Spam Omusubi (Php 60) may look like a simple dish at first glance, but this tastes better than the common spams that you buy over-the-counter because of the additional garnish they put to it.

    Spam Omusubi (Php 60)

    For noodle cravings, you may opt to order their best selling Beef Udon (Php 185/ Regular; Php 235/ Large). It’s an udon dish topped with pork strips, togarashi, and Japanese fish-based broth which perfectly complement the ingredients to balance the flavors.

    Beef Udon (Php 185/ Regular; Php 235/ Large)

    Lastly, we tried the Ebi Ten (Php 60). It’s their most popular side dish that the chef said they serve around 10,000 pieces of this every month!

    Ebi Ten (Php 60)

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    The chef also added that they are planning to launch more branches in the country to up to 14, in this year alone.

    Marugame Udon is one of the go-to restaurants in UP Town Center. So, expect long queues especially on weekends and holidays! Visit other branches of Marugame Udon in Glorietta, Bonifacio High Street, and SM City North Edsa.

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