January 19, 2019

Recommended Dishes For Every Travel Destination in the PH

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  • With over 7,000 islands boasting rich natural resources and historical past, the Philippines has so much to offer.

    Discover the diverse culinary fusion in every town and cities of the country as Philippine Primer brings you to every food and travel adventures. Here are some of the signatures and recommended dishes we had for every travel destinations we went to in the Philippines!


    From top to bottom clockwise: Batchoy, Chicken Inasal, Baked Scallops, Dark Chocolate Gelato

    Known as the city of smiles, Bacolod’s culinary gastronomy is as colorful as their festivals as they boast a variety of meats and seafood. One dish that is well known in Bacolod is their Chicken Inasal, a roasted chicken in skewers. One says your Bacolod trip is not complete without the taste of the Original Chicken Inasal along with their rich seafood plates such as scallops cooked in different styles. And then there’s the ever famous Batchoy, a simmering bowl of hot noodle soup with pork and innards, chicharron, and egg. For desserts, there’s the pioneer of Gelato in the city so make sure to drop by Cafe Bob’s to taste their homemade Gelatos.

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    From top to bottom clockwise: Baguio Longganisa, Balbacua, Chaya Salad and, Strawberry Taho

    The home of the strawberries, Baguio has all creative in using their abundant supply of strawberries. Tourists flock to the town to get a taste of the famous Strawberry Taho or ever get a bowl of Chaya Salad made with tropical fruits and fresh greens including strawberries. And then there’s also Balbacua—a South Cordillera bowl of beef stew—an almost but not similar to Bulalo. And if Ilocos has Vigan Longanisa, Baguio also has their own Baguio Longganisa with two flavors to choose from, Sweet or Garlic.

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    Batangas is known for their simmering pot of Bulalo and Lomi as they are located near the Taal lake, which is, as you can tell, a little cold. So a trip to Batangas is not complete without having your own bowl of hot Bulala or Lomi! There’s also an infamous Batangueno coffee called “Kapeng Barako”. So while you’re wandering around, you might want to drop by some stores to get your fix of Kapeng Barako, a strong kick than your usual coffee fix. And while Halo-halo has their very own version from every city you visit, you might as well try their Batangas Halo-Halo here—a perfect cup to end a hearty meal of Bulalo or Lomi.

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    From top to bottom clockwise: Sili Ice Cream, Crispy Bicol Express, Tinutungang Manok and, Laing

    Bicol is known for its method of adding coconut milk or “gata” in cooking their dishes, and while it has become their signature method of cooking, Bicolanos are also known for loving spicy dishes. One famous dish that even people in the Metro started adapting is their Bicol Express. In Bicol, they serve different varieties of this famous dish, such as Bicol Express Pasta and Crispy Bicol Express that is served with spicy coconut milk!

    Laing, on the other hand, is also among the favorites and it’s cooked with taro leaves and coconut milk, topped with chili. For chicken dishes, Bicolanos love Tinutungang Manok—a chicken dish with toasted coconut milk and topped with chili. And because Bicolanos love spices, who would’ve thought that you can also have an ice-cream flavored Chili? Find the Sili Ice Cream at 1st Colonial Grill in Albay!

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    From top to bottom clockwise: Sugpo sa Aligue, Calamansi Muffin best paired with Iced Coffee, Adobo with Kesong Puti, and Chicken Skin

    Although there’s nothing in particular when it comes to food that we associate with Boracay, seafood plates are their popular ones since they are known for their rich marine life. But here’s a few of their different serving that will surely linger in your taste buds with its distinct taste: try a bowl of Shrimp with Sugpo sa Aligue or try Adobo with Kesong Puti for a different twist. While you think Chicken Skins are just in Manila, well, Boracay also has their very own take with Chicken Skins! Plus, they are well-known for their Calamansi Muffin that’s best paired with Iced Coffee—a perfect light snack before or after your water activities on the island.

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    Top to bottom clockwise: Kinilaw, Danggit, Dried Mangoes and Lechon

    Cebu is well known for its Lechon particularly Zebuchon, which already branched out in Manila due to its popularity. But aside from being known for Lechon, another gem that Cebu is well known is their Dried Mango, which they also import outside the country. Two famous viands here are Danggit, a salted sun-dried rabbitfish, which are often eaten during breakfast that is best-paired with rice and eggs; and Kinilaw, a Visayan dish and is highly popular among Visayan cities including Cebu. It is raw fish with vinegar dressing.

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    From top to bottom clockwise: Mango Pizza, Pasayan or Butter Garlic Shrimp, Mango pasalubongs, Pork Binuog

    Guimaras Island, often tapped as the Mango Capital of the Philippines, has an abundant supply of the said fruit that paved the way to importing local ones abroad. Get a first taste of the famous Mango Pizza and take home various Mango flavored pasalubongs, such as dried and jams. Although separated in Iloilo City, they have a few similarities with the foods they serve. Guimaras also serves Pasayan or Butter garlic flavored Shrimp and Pork Binuog or grilled pork on a stick.

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    From top to bottom clockwise: Bagnet, Pinakbet, Empanada, Longanisa

    Ilocos Region, although separated by Ilocos Sur and Norte, boasts a wide variety of Filipino food. They are well known for Vigan Longanisa, which is everyone’s favorite pasalubong along with Bagnet. There’s also the famous Empanada, which you can find either from Vigan or Ilocos Norte. Pinakbet, on the other hand, is a staple food in an Ilocano table. Along Ilocos, you’ll find almost all restaurants serving a plate of their own version of Ilocano Pinakbet and here’s an insider tip: the home of the Original Pinakbet Pizza is in Ilocos Norte!

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    La Union

    From left to right clockwise: La Unionganisa, Pork Dinakdakan, Pritong Halo-Halo, and Sizzling Pulpog

    As La Union make waves in the tourism industry of the country, restaurants have also started creating their own names and introducing La Union flavors, not just to locals but as well as to foreigners who visit the surfing paradise. Just like other city and provinces, La Union also has their very own version of Longganisa. Situated close to Ilocos, La Union also serves Pork Dinakdakan-an, an Ilocano version of sisig that normally has pork mask and liver tossed in onions and creamy vinegar dressing. For something distinctly local, the Sizzling Pulpog is an original La Union dish, made with charcoal-grilled pork cutlets that are tossed with fresh onions, chili and, peppers. Desserts, you say? Aside from the usual Halo-halo, you can also find Pritong Halo-Halo in La Union!

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    From top to bottom clockwise: Buko Pie, Espasol, Kesong Puto and Bibingka

    Although the previous ones are more of the viands, Laguna is popularly known with its delicacies, and Buko Pie is one you would always see when you visit. Buko Pie is a baked coconut custard pie and is everyone’s favorite pasalubong. Speaking of pasalubong and delicacy, there’s also a rice cake with toasted flour cooked in coconut milk here called espasol, as well as Bibingka, a rice cake baked with margarine, coconut milk and sugar.

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    From left to right clockwise: Pako Salad, Sisig, Binukadkad na Plapla, Bulanglang

    They are not called as Culinary Capital of the Philippines for nothing. Pampanga boasts Filipino foods such as Sisig and seafood plates. Aside from that, there’s also a different take on a salad. Try Pako Salad—a fern salad mixed with tomatoes and onions along with poached salted egg and drizzled with vinegar for its dressing. Another Kapampangan dish is the Bulanglang, it’s like sinigang but made with guavas.

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    From left to right clockwise: Shaka bowls, Lemon Garlic Chicken Skewers, Insalata Tiepida di Calamaro e Mango and White Banana Shake

    Although nothing in particular, the tropical land of Siargao serves plates that are often healthy as they aim to live a calm and eco-friendly lifestyle. As a booming island, Siargao makes use of their resources, such as fruits and vegetables, thus the servings are often playful yet healthy eats. The Instagram-worthy bowls of Shaka are a must-try. These healthy bowls are perfect for pre and post-surf meal that often consists of acai, banana, mango, pineapple, berries, and coconut milk. Meanwhile, fresh lemon herbs and garlic come together in this flavorful marinade of chicken skewers, which is the perfect dish to satiate your brunch need. There’s also salad servings where fresh slices of squid go well with the sweet mango dices, combined with an arugula and tomato ensemble, dressed with calamansi and siling labuyo combination. Finish off a very hearty and healthy meal with shakes!

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    Have you tried all these dishes or went to these places? Let us know in the comments section below and suggest your cities for our next food and travel feature!

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