July 14, 2021

Souvenirs to Buy Wherever You Are in PH

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  • It’s a no brainer that everybody wants a remembrance of the place they visited. And with the rise of the “wanderlust generation”, the souvenir culture is also left in the spotlight. Thankfully, culturally colorful countries like the Philippines are blessed with good mementos that you can take home.

    Souvenirs, locally known as pasalubong, are a must, not only for yourself but also for your loved ones. It’s a way to let them know they are remembered while you’re away.

    Check out these items that are worth taking back home:


    Probably the most fool-proof souvenir to buy for yourself and your friends is the classic t-shirt. Nothing says “I went somewhere in the Philippines and I loved it” like a shirt emblazoned with the name of the place you went to. Some Filipino souvenir t-shirts also have statements and witty quotes on them so look out for that!

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    Miniature Jeepneys

    Perhaps the best representation of the Philippine society is the jeepney, a unique and very popular public transport in the country. Remember the first time you rode one by bringing home a miniature version of this quirky vehicle!

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    Woven Products

    Hand-woven products from Vigan and Cotabato City

    One of the Philippines’ oldest thriving industries is weaving. Many traditional fabrics in the country are intricately and meaningfully designed, like the t‘nalak of Southern Mindanao made with abaca, as well as the hablon of Visayas usually made with banana and pineapple fibers. Aside from their cultural relevance, these fabrics are made into fashionable clothing and products perfect to give as gifts to your loved ones.

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    Wooden carvings and crafts in Calle Crisologo, Vigan 

    Traditional industries like wooden handicrafts still persist in the country, playing a big role in boosting a town’s tourism industry. These products reflect the pure artistry of the locals, who also depend on their craft to make a living.

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    Dried mangoes from McNester, Guimaras

    The Philippines is truly blessed to have delicious fruits in abundance almost all year round. Mangoes, for instance, can be exorbitantly priced in other countries, so take advantage of it by buying kilograms without breaking the bank. You can buy a piece for as low as Php 25—that’s less than a dollar!

    If you want to take a couple with you on your flight back, you may ditch the fresh ones and drop by the Duty-Free counter for a bag of dried mangoes.

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    Ref Magnets

    A variety of refrigerator magnets from Bohol

    Decorative ref magnets are probably the easiest souvenirs to cop. Almost every store has a wall of these magnets in all shapes and sizes. Make your refrigerator more pleasing by adorning it with decorative magnets that remind you of sweet traveling memories instead of wrinkled sheets that remind you of bills to pay (we know you have them on your fridge door!).

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    Local Snacks

    A variety of local snacks available in Orginal Biscocho Haus, Iloilo

    Almost every province in the country has its own signature snack and sweets, so it’s really not difficult to fill your shopping cart (and your suitcase) with these local eats—plus they’re cheap! Some of the most popular souvenir snacks from the Philippines are dried mangoes, polvoron (powdered shortbread), ube (purple yam), and biscocho (toasted bread crackers).

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    Award-winning Lakan Extra Premium Lambanog

    A locally famous alcoholic drink is lambanog, which is made from coconut nectar. Historically considered as a “poor man’s drink,” this highly potent drink has now been globally recognized as a high-class spirit. Brands of lambanog are already commercially distributed, but if you want something that would make you feel closer to the local community, buy a bottle from local vendors!

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    Locally grown coffee sold in Kape Granos, Laguna

    The coffee scene in the country is undoubtedly rich—with many third-wave coffee producers flourishing and being recognized not only locally but also globally. One of the best-known coffee varieties in the Philippines is barako coffee, which has rich and bold flavors.

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    Pinoy Chocolates

    Auro Chocolate products and Dalareich Tableya

    It is a Filipino thing to buy tons and tons of imported chocolates abroad and bring them home as pasalubong. But do you know you can do the same here? Filipino brands like Auro, Dalareich, and Theo and Philo Artisan Chocolates produce top quality local chocolates which are made from premium cacao beans from Davao and Bohol. Add this to your list of Filipino souvenirs!

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    Take a piece of the Philippines with you anywhere in the world. Happy shopping!

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