October 04, 2019

Seascape Village in Bay City Is An Upscale Seafood Haven for Foodies

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  • Seascape Village in Bay City Is An Upscale Seafood Haven for Foodies
  • Crossing the brief distance from Sofitel will lead you to a relaxing tropical escape and personalized seafood dining experience in the heart of Manila.

    Seascape Village Bay Market is a two-story upscale resort-like seafood heaven.

    Like a real village with a life of its own, Seascape Village will make you feel like you are away in some private resort with its complete amenities such as hotel, beach walk, sand bar, and boutiques.

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    Seafood lovers will also be delighted with a collaboration of wet & dry markets that let you choose the exact food you want, how you want it, and where you want to devour it. 

    Gogo Kitchen / IMAGE Seascape Village

    There are more than 60 wet and dry seafood stalls and 13 restaurants to choose from, where you can buy the freshest local seafood for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner feast.

    After this, you can bring the seafood to your chosen restaurant and have them cook it for you.

    Mazu Seaside Dinner / IMAGE Seafscape Village

    Going through their wet market, you’ll see an array of stores with a full display of tanks housing local seafood. Just take note that prices vary for every type of seafood and restaurant.

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    There are also take-out counters, island kiosks, and food carts for some pica-pica seafood treats. 

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    The best part is that they are complete with service essentials such as their own ice plant and water station, money changer, ATM machines, and convenience stores exclusively for guests.

    How to get here

    • Seascape Village is 8 minutes away from SM Mall of Asia
    • From SM Mall of Asia, take the Seaside Blvd. going to J.W. Diokno Road. Turn right at J.W. Diokno and make another sharp left at the Manila Film Centre.
    • Valet parking is available for guests.

    This first appeared in Philippine Primer’s Japanese and English Magazine October 2019 issue.

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