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November 2018

Hidden Tokyo: Discover the City’s Lesser-Known Charms

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  • Hidden Tokyo: Discover the City’s Lesser-Known Charms
  • Hidden Tokyo: Discover the City’s Lesser-Known Charms

    The constant rise of infrastructure and skyscrapers that seem to get closer and closer to the sky is symbolic of Tokyo’s pursuit of greatness. The metropolis is known as the great hub of innovation, the very epitome of modernity. Tokyo, however, fosters something more quaint and colorful beneath the brilliance of its towers and skyscrapers, something closer to the ground than to the sky—places that are more grounded in the preservation of tradition.

    The most colorful parts of the city are where quaintness and traditions thrive and where there are more locals than tourists. There are color and vibrancy in dimly lit alleys, charm in scruffy old markets, and great stories from obscure, small restaurants. These are the places that you don’t usually see in modern-day travel itineraries but are worth tracking down. From a time-tested tower to a historic market and bustling alleyways, it’s time to shine a spotlight on some of Tokyo’s most charming destinations.

    By Rei Leaño

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