July 17, 2023

7 Top-Rated Driving Schools in Metro Manila

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  • Dealing with the traffic situation in the Philippines is already challenging enough. Even more so when you’re the one in command of the wheel. 

    But worry not as we have compiled a list of some of the country’s trusted driving schools that can prep you for tough Philippine roads:

    A1 Driving School

    A-1 Driving Co, Inc. (Philippines)さんの投稿 2016年8月30日火曜日

    The multi-awarded A1 Driving School has established itself to be one of the country’s premier driving school. It traces its roots back in 1977 when they only had two training vehicles available. They have long expanded and now boasts over 150 training vehicles in their 80+ branches nationwide.

    Their Driving Student Program consists not only of the actual driving courses but also lectures on Defensive Driving, Rules of the Road, Preventive Maintenance, and Handling Emergencies.


    • Training Center Course: Starts at Php 2,500
    • Premium Course: Starts at Php 3,200
    • Rush Course: Starts at Php 4,200
    • Executive Course:  Starts at Php 6,400

    Website: a-1driving.com
    Facebook: facebook.com/A1DrivingSchoolPH
    Instagram: a1drivingph

    Smart Driving School

    IMAGE Smart Driving School website

    Another highly-regarded and award-winning driving school in the country is Smart Driving School, which was established in 2000. The España-born driving school now has 76 branches nationwide, ready to take on more students than ever. 

    They also have training centers exclusively for their students’ perusal, where they can execute drills and prepare for their driver’s license exam.


    • Manual Course: Starts at Php 2,200
    • Automatic Course: Starts at Php 5,000
    • Executive Course: Starts at Php 5,000
    • Masteral Course: Starts at Php 16,000

    Website: smartdriving.com.ph
    Facebook: facebook.com/smartdriving08082000

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    Honda Safety Driving Center
    Km. 17 East Service Road, South Superhighway, Parañaque City

    IMAGE Honda Safety Driving Center website

    As its name suggests, Honda Safety Driving Center prioritizes safe driving and road safety above all else. They are also considered as the first training facility that offers programs not only for automobiles but also for motorcycles. 

    They have courses available for beginners with no driving or riding experience, as well as refresher courses for those who have driving or riding experiences already.

    Website: hondaph.com/hsdc
    Facebook: facebook.com/HondaSafetyDrivingCenter

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    Universal Driving School

    Universal Driving Schoolさんの投稿 2016年3月11日金曜日

    Universal Driving School also focuses on imparting defensive driving lessons with an aim to produce responsible and safety-conscious drivers. They have courses available for both beginners and experienced drivers.

    Their courses include classroom lectures on the principles of defensive driving, traffic rules and regulations, and basic vehicle troubleshooting.


    • Beginner’s Course (for 10 days): Starts at Php 4,800
    • Beginners Course (for 15 days): Starts at Php 7,200
    • Refresher Course (for 5 days): Starts at Php 2,500
    • Refresher Course (for 7 days): Starts at Php 3,400

    Website: universal-driving.com
    Facebook: facebook.com/universaldrivingschoolph

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    Xcel Driving School

    Xcel Driving School offers quality driving lessons at an affordable price. They make sure that their students are guided well all throughout the process until the day of the actual driver’s license examination.


    • Beginner’s Course (for 15 hours): Starts at Php 6,000
    • Beginner’s Course (for 20 hours): Starts at Php 10,000
    • Beginner’s Course (for 30 hours): Starts at Php 15,000
    • Refresher Course (for 5 hours): Starts at Php 2,000
    • Refresher Course (for 7 hours): Starts at Php 2,800
    • Refresher Course (for 10 hours): Starts at Php 4,000

    Website: xceldrivingph.com
    Facebook: facebook.com/XCELDrivingPH

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    Prestige Driving School

    Makati Branch Location: 4334 Filmore St. corner Dayap St Palanan Makati CityLandmark: Infront of Cash and Carry Mall📱‭09552102833‬

    Prestige Driving Schoolさんの投稿 2018年9月16日日曜日

    Prestige Driving School is another choice driving school without breaking the bank. It offers four different courses: manual, automatic, dual, and manual SUV that can be taken regardless if you have prior driving experience or none.


    • Manual Course (Remedial – 5 hours): Starts at Php 2,199
    • Manual Course (Refresher – 10 hours): Starts at Php 4,399
    • Manual Course (Beginner – 20 hours): Starts at Php 8,799
    • Automatic Course (Remedial – 5 hours): Starts at Php 3,499
    • Automatic Course (Refresher – 10 hours): Starts at Php 6,999
    • Automatic Course (Beginner – 20 hours): Starts at Php 13,999
    • Dual Course (Remedial – 6 hours): Starts at Php 3,999
    • Dual Course (Refresher – 10 hours): Starts at Php 6,599
    • Dual Course (Beginner – 20 hours): Starts at Php 13,199

    Website: prestigedrivingschoolph.com
    Facebook: facebook.com/prestigedrivingph

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    Socialites Driving School

    Enroll @ Cartimar Shopping CenterRm. 1A Pasay Taft(between Libertad and Buendia)Contact numbers #833-2043/741-7185

    Socialites Driving Schoolさんの投稿 2014年8月1日金曜日

    Socialites Driving School takes pride in being the pioneer driving school in the Philippines having been established in 1969. For 50 years, they managed to offer premium driving lessons and courses without charging their students too much. 


    • Refresher Course: Starts at Php 2,000
    • Beginner Course: Starts at Php 7,000

    Facebook: facebook.com/SocialitesDrivingSchool

    Which of these driving schools have you tried before? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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