May 05, 2015

Ninja Academy

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  • There is a place where you can study how to be a ninja: a place where you can learn how to jump over hurdles and obstacles faultlessly, use swords in combat, learn martial arts, and even break-dance to defend yourself. And the place we’re talking about is not something from animated kung-fu films or mythology. It’s in Pasig City, and is aptly named Ninja Academy.

    Ninja (2) - Copy

    Wall-climbing and rope course

    Ninja Academy is the first indoor parkour facility in Manila. Established by members of the Philippine Parkour Freerunning Association (PPFA), it was opened just last year as a gym and sports venue where everybody willing – from older children to adults – can learn basic and advanced skills in different sports and combat styles. Aside from parkour, Ninja Academy also offers the following classes: Gauntlet Class, consisting of a 30-minute circuit training and 30-minute obstacle course challenge; Kenjutsu Class, the art of swordsmanship; Tricking, which is a combination of martial arts, gymnastics, break-dancing and capoeira; and Rogue Day, a class taught by Team Rogue, one of the best calisthenics groups in Manila. Students can also opt for personal coaching under Ninja Academy’s certified Parkour and Fitness instructors.

    Ninja (4) - Copy

    Bars for parkour and calisthenics classes

    If you’re merely there to practice parkour, that’s alright too. The academy is one of the most complete parkour facilities in Southeast Asia, and practitioners can pay the Php 350 walk-in fee to run, vault, jump, swing, flip and roll through the challenging courses.

    Ninja (3) - Copy

    Climbing and vaulting course

    Ninja (1) - Copy

    A student who just swung from one obstacle to another

    Ninja Academy is a place where everyone can have fun while picking up useful skills. But be prepared for the rigorous tests they set for their students: everyone who signs up is guaranteed to be challenged every day to the limits of his/her physical and mental strengths. If you want to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and want to do it by a unique way to exercise, Ninja Academy may be for you.

    155 Dr Sixto Antonio Avenue, Brgy Rosario, Pasig City





    Monday to Friday, 1 pm to 9 pm

    Saturday to Sunday, 11 am to 7 pm



    Photos and article by Jess Jacutan

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