June 25, 2021

Car and Traffic Regulations

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  • Manila is known for its intense traffic jam. That is why the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has implemented the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program, or more commonly called number coding scheme, to help reduce traffic congestion.

    What is Number coding?

    It is a traffic regulation in Metro Manila wherein one is prohibited to use their cars if the last number of their plate fall on a certain day. Number coding is suspended on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.

    Last number   Run prohibition day
    1, 2    Monday
    3, 4 Tuesday
    5, 6 Wednesday
    7, 8 Thursday
    9, 0 Friday


    As for this plate number, the last number is “1”, so it is banned to be used on Mondays.

    When is it regulated?

    Coding scheme starts from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm with window hours from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Window hours are the hours wherein the cars are allowed to be used freely on certain areas.

    Window time for every area

    – Makati and Las Piñas – None (7:00 am to 7:00 pm coding scheme)

    – Pasig City – 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

    – Marikina and Muntinlupa – does not implement coding scheme

    – Taguig City – does not implement coding scheme except on National Roads within its boundaries (i.e C-5)

    The complete set of areas where window time is allowed and other information about number coding can be found here.


    When someone violates the traffic rules, he is subjected to pay a fine. First violation:  P1,500, Second violation: P2,750, third violation: P4000. To avoid the issuance of ticket, let’s obey the rules. The place where you are apprehended and the payment are written on the ticket. The complete table of fine penalties can be found here.



    Skyway is an expressway located at the southern part of Metro Manila that links Makati and Alabang. At approximately 20km in total length, there is an area where it is under construction now. Skyway intersects with South Luzon Expressway (SLEX).


    A toll is needed to pay before passing in an expressway. It differs when it comes to the type of vehicle you are riding. For example, an owner of a private car (under the Class 1 type of car) that passes in Skyway coming from Alabang pays P164. Under is the table of the toll rate in Skyway and other expressways.

    Class 1 (Cars / jeepneys / Pick-Ups / Vans)

    Entry/Exit Skyway Magallanes C-5 Bicutan Sucat
    Merville   49      
    Bicutan 72 49 49    
    Sucat 118 84 84 34  
    Alabang 164 118 118 69 34


    Class 2 (Light Trucks/ Tourist, School & PUB / Class 1-above 7 ft. height)

    Entry/Exit Skyway Magallanes C-5 Bicutan Sucat
    Merville   98      
    Bicutan 145 98 98    
    Sucat 237 168 168 69  
    Alabang 329 237 237 138 69


    Class 3 (Heavy and Multi-Axled Trucks / Trailers)

    Entry/Exit Skyway Magallanes C-5 Bicutan Sucat
    Merville   147      
    Bicutan 218 147 147    
    Sucat 356 252 252 104  
    Alabang 493 356 356 208 104

     [reference] http://www.trb.gov.ph/index.php/toll-rates/skyway

    Means of Payment


    Payment is done through a drive-thru type of window which are called Toll Gates. Usually, an exact amount of cash is required to pay the teller inside the window, but there are also windows wherein they allow payments that require change. In terms of taxis, there are drivers that demands expressway tolls way too high from their passengers. Let’s be careful and know the toll rates to avoid these kinds of situations.



    A chip card in which a stored value of P1000 and can be purchased at an E-pass center. The reloading of the E-pass can be done thru telephone starting from P200. It can also help avoid the traffic jam.

    Car commuting is a must in the Philippines. These apps are helpful in confirming the traffic situations in different parts of Metro Manila.



    Reference link

    About other expressway information    


    LTO (Land Transportation Office) http://www.lto.gov.ph/

    SOMCO (Skyway O&M Corp.) http://www.skyway.com.ph/

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