November 26, 2015

Tabelle Diner Café

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  • A chic café with delicious food at reasonable prices.


    The café’s interior design has a retro American feel

    Tabelle Diner Café is a retro American-style café that opened last November. Since then, locals and students have been patronizing it so every day here is a busy day. The cafe offers 13 kinds of Frappuccino. One is the bestselling Oreo Green Tea that has an excellent combination of lightly sweetened green tea and crushed Oreo cookies. There are also light meals available such as pastas, sandwiches and finger food or “pica-pica.” All items on the menu are available for less than P220.


    The delightful and affordable Oreo Green Tea. (P90)


    A serving of Tomato Bazil. (P190)

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