April 18, 2015

The Bottle Shop

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  • Tucked along one of the shops in Tritan Building in the quiet vicinity of Paseo de Magallanes, The Bottle Shop doesn’t scream bar at first sight like the regular bars you’re used to. There are no bright lights or loud music, and the bar has a more subdued vibe compared to the usual bars people head to on a weekend night. There are sleek wooden interiors and yellow overhead lighting, which not only guarantee you won’t get dizzy from the dancing lights, but also guarantee that this is a place you can chill and actually hear what your buddies are saying.


    Jim Araneta, head of Global Beer Exchange, started the Bottle Shop. It’s inspired by his travels abroad and his love for the brew – craft brew, in particular, which sets itself apart by not having preservatives and chemicals and combining ingredients such as nuts and chocolate to give the beer a different taste.


    Currently, The Bottle Shop carries more than a hundred craft beer labels from California, Japan, Belgium and Denmark. The menu lists all of these, but more importantly, it lists them according to your familiarity with craft beer, so you have an idea of what to choose regardless of whether you’re just becoming a craft beer aficionado or are already an IPA expert.

    You can also try The Bottle Shop’s gin, vodka, bourbon, and tequila signature cocktails like Bloody Bastard, Bloody Mary’s counterpart, and Fierce Pinay, which is a combination of vodka, triple sec, calamansi, and caramelized ampalaya (bitter gourd) for that unique twist.

    Once you’ve made up your mind on what beer to order, an order of the staple bar food seems like the proper follow-up. The Bottle Shop’s got Paella (Catalana, Paella, Valenciana at P450 for a serving for two), Croquettas with Ham and Chicken (P175), and Chili Chicharon (P175).


    Article and photos by Marian Benetua

  • Unit 103 Tritan Ventures Bldg, Paseo De Magallanes, Makati City
  • +63917-894-5076
  • www.globalbeerexchange.com.ph