February 06, 2024

Hibiscus Pizzeria and Bar in Puerto Princesa, Palawan: Diet-Friendly Food & Lady-Approved Cocktails

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  • Hibiscus Pizzeria & Bar is the in-house restaurant of Hibiscus Garden Inn, a popular choice of reasonable accommodation among foreign travelers, particularly Europeans, in Puerto Princesa. It is a destination for those in search of wholesome food options and delicious bar drinks fit for casual hangout sessions.

    We are confident that Hibiscus will be the next best cocktail bar in Palawan. / IMAGE from Philippine Primer

    As a restaurant, Hibiscus prides itself on upholding local products and producing homemade dishes. You’ll find that most of the items on the menu feature seafood and rarely meat—a homage to one of the town’s major industries, fishery.

    Main Dining Area / IMAGE from Philippine Primer.

    Hibiscus Pizzeria and Bar / IMAGE from Philippine Primer

    The most popular item of the restaurant is pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven. The pizza dough is handmade, while most of the ingredients are sourced from the local market. To maintain the authenticity of their Italian-style pizza, however, some ingredients like cheese are imported.

    The Pizza of the Week features different pizzas weekly, unique from the regular pizza menu, to offer something fresh to frequent diners. The featured pizzas change every week, but if you, for instance, would still like to eat the ones that have disappeared from the menu, you may still request it from them as long as the ingredients are available.

    The Pizza of the Week at the time of our visit – Tomato, Mozzarella, Parma Ham, and Arugula Pizza / IMAGE from Philippine Primer

    Aside from the pizza, another notable category on the menu is the tuna raw fish items. The first among our top picks is the Kinilaw à la Tahitienne.

    Kinilaw à la Tahitienne / IMAGE from Philippine Primer

    Kinilaw is a popular regional delicacy in the Philippines made with raw seafood and usually vinegar dressing. Hibiscus’ version is given a Tahitian twist, with added coconut milk and cucumber cubes. It is fun to take mouthfuls of the tuna and cucumber at the same time because both have fresh and refreshing flavors.

    Our top pick! / IMAGE from Philippine Primer

    Another highly must-try is the Tuna and Mango Tartare. The shape of the tuna tartare makes every bite succulently firm and smooth. Complementing its texture is the fresh ripe mango cubes, with a sweet and tangy flavor that makes the dish all the more enjoyable.

    Tuna and Mango Tartare / IMAGE from Philippine Primer

    Meanwhile, the combination of garlic and olive oil in the Fresh Tuna Carpaccio with Garlic and Olive Oil features a slightly spicy and pungent kick, and extra texture.

    Fresh Tuna Carpaccio with Garlic and Olive Oil / IMAGE from Philippine Primer

    Aside from the delicious tuna dishes, another healthy choice is the Homemade Ravioli, made with seafood, spinach, and mushroom, fragrant and freshly made in-house.

    Homemade Ravioli / IMAGE from Philippine Primer

    As a bar, Hibiscus aims to be the best cocktail bar in Puerto Princesa and then eventually in the whole Palawan.

    The daughter of the owner, Joy Blaselle, leads the bar section of Hibiscus. / IMAGE from Philippine Primer

    Currently, the bar section is led by the owner’s daughter, who concocts pure original cocktails. The flavors of the Signature Cocktails are diverse; however, they are mostly on the sweet and fragrant side. The drinks have a strong kick but they are easy to drink because the flavors of the alcohol are also potent.

    L-R: Rosie, Rambutan, Pandan, and Gin & Tonic / IMAGE from Philippine Primer

    In terms of visual appeal and lady-approved flavor, Rosie is the headlining cocktail, featuring sweet and smooth flavors with a slightly tangy kick. Rambutan is another sure charmer with its sweet, thick, and creamy with citrus flavor notes.

    Other highly recommended drinks are the Pandan, made with homemade rum as the base, and the Gin & Tonic made with spices that are not common in the Philippines.

    Hibiscus Pizzeria and Bar is open to non-hotel guests; however, we also strongly recommend that you spend a night of two at Hibiscus Garden Inn to fully enjoy the laidback atmosphere of the place. The atmosphere of the bar also becomes turns more romantic at night due to the lighting of the bar.

    How to get here:

    • Hibiscus Pizzeria and Bar is inside Hibiscus Garden Inn, sitting on a major street near the Palawan Provincial Capitol.
    • If commuting, a tricyle anywhere around the capitol can take you to Hibiscus. From Palawan Provincial Capitol or Junction 1, it costs only Php 10 to Php 15 (regular fare/shared ride) and takes 5 to 10 minutes.
    • It is also possible to walk from Junction 1. It takes 20 mins.

    This first appeared in Philippine Primer’s Japanese and English Magazine February issue.
    Written by Rei Leaño

    General Information

  • Inside Hibiscus Garden Inn, Manalo Ext., Brgy. Milagrosa, Puerto Princesa, Palawan
  • 048-723-1388
  • 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • www.hibiscusgardeninn.com/restaurant
  • pizzapalawan
  • Restaurant Menu
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