June 12, 2017

Finders Keepers in Makati will be your go to spot after office hours

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  • Finders Keepers in Makati will be your go to spot after office hours
  • A drink after work sounds nice at Finders Keepers in Makati. If you’re looking for a bar located in the friendly neighborhood of Makati, Finders Keepers is for you. What makes the bar unique is that they don’t allow smoking in the bar, non-smokers can enjoy drinking their cocktails or beverages at peace. The best days to visit are during Monday to Thursday.

    White Sangria(Pph 400), Monkey Business(Pph 340), Beergherita(Php 400)

    Finders Keepers interiors

    On some days, Finders Keepers also go invites musical acts to performs inside the bar. For orders you have to order at the bar and pay at the bar. Overall, this bar is for people who would like a start a conversation with a stranger or bring a friend for late night talks.

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