June 10, 2016

Enjoy Beer Below Zero at BBZ Degrees

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    We all love our beers cold. Not only does it make the drink more refreshing, but it also makes it more flavorful. If you think of Beer Below Zero as nothing but ice, think again. This is not your ordinary cold beer, because it still has that same flavor you never knew it would still have even if it’s really cold at that.




    In this sweltering Manila heat, it is only fitting that you should cap the night off with a refreshing drink in the form of beers. Beers are that drink you’d always want to share over some food with your buddies, because it makes the dinner more special. At BBZ Degrees, you can get the best beers in town. Beer Below Zero is actually ice cold but not frozen. You should go there to see what we’re talking about.




    Now, what makes this BBZ fuss more interesting is that they have ‘beertenders’ who ensure that all their beers are kept below zero, thus the people who do the shuffling and dispatching inside the freezer. Also, BBZ is not a new brand of beer. It’s just your ordinary beer, the same beer you’ve loved ever since you started drinking, but only made revolutionary by making it more refreshing.

    Are you excited to go loco over a drinking session?  Just remember to drink moderately and enjoy the night!


    All photos are grabbed from BBZ Degrees’ Facebook page

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