May 14, 2017

Musashi-Tei in BGC: The go-to place for tonkatsu, ramen, and coffee

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  • Authentic Japanese restaurant Musashi-Tei is now in Manila!

    From the Musashi Group of Japan, here comes an authentic Japanese restaurant which will be our next favorite destination for ramen, tonkatsu, and coffee: Musashi-Tei is now officially open in Bonifacio Global City!

    Musashi-Tei staff in PH

    Musashi-Tei specialties on board

    Bringing over the expertise of Japanese experts namely Ramen masters Uchida and Maeda, Tonkatsu masters Yamashita and Yamaguchi, and barista Yoshizawa in the Philippines, Musashi-Tei, which opened last May 11, is definitely one of the biggest restaurant names to ever come here to Manila this 2017. Serving their specialty ramen from one of their famous ramen restaurants in Japan called Maruton Honpo, Musashi-Tei is set to offer their noodle favorites to their guests here as they also bring over their special ingredients all the way from Japan.

    Japanese masters of  Musashi-Tei

    Seafood Ajitama Ramen (P460)

    Teppan Miso Katsu Fillet (P500)

    Established in 1967, the Musashi Group opened their doors to the Japanese as they served great servings of their dishes, specializing in tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet), ramen, and sushi, among others. One of the things that make it a must-visit Japanese spot in the business district would be their meticulous preparation of the dishes, made based on the recipes from Maruton Honpo in Japan, all while using local ingredients.

    Neat and clean interiors, just like how it is in Japan

    Going inside the restaurant, it will remind you of those restaurants you see in Japan, complete with the authentic Japanese interiors and Japanese characters written all over the walls of the place. Musashi-Tei also has three function rooms which can accommodate 6 persons each, for those who’d like a more private setting.

    Private section in Musashi-Tei

    What are you waiting for? Head on now to Musashi-Tei and indulge on your favorite Japanese dishes soon!

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