February 13, 2019

Arroz Ecija at Uptown Mall: Your Upscale Filipino-Spanish Restaurant

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  • Arroz Ecija at Uptown Mall: Your Upscale Filipino-Spanish Restaurant

    With a lot of emerging food spots offering different cuisines in the country, it might be difficult for a Filipino restaurant to set itself apart.

    However, that’s not the case for Arroz Ecija in Uptown Mall, Taguig City, which opened last November 2018. This restaurant prides itself in putting the province of Nueva Ecija into the spotlight as its distinction.

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    Arroz Ecija got its name from the Spanish word for rice “Arroz” and Ecija from the Philippines’ local province, Nueva Ecija.

    Therefore, the restaurant specializes in rice dishes and do not stray away from the culture of the prominent colonizers of the past, particularly, the Spaniards.

    One of the overall goals of Arroz Ecija is to impart a rich Filipino heritage vibe to its customers, portraying an old hacienda while also having that classy touch.

    Chef Tanya Dizon, the executive chef of Arroz Ecija for more than six years, is the one responsible for crafting its exquisite menu, from the base rice delicacies to an extensive set of eats.

    During our interview with Chef Tanya, she shared that the restaurant emphasizes on its rice meals representing its brand name. Almost all of its ingredients, not only the rice, come from Nueva Ecija.

    Heading to the cuisines, their best selling Iberian Chicken (Php 1650/whole, Php 795/half) is a must try. It is a whole chicken that went in a long process of baking to attain that perfect tenderness and juiciness and is then drowned and mixed in olive oil, tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, and other herbs.

    Iberian Chicken (Php 1,650/whole, Php 795/half)

    With the rice-based dishes, Bringhe seafood is one of the usual favorites of almost every customer. The paella rice is composed of a mixture of coconut milk topped with mussels, shrimp, longanisa, and green peas.

    It can be served in 5-inch (Php 265) serving for small pax and 12-inch (Php 595) for larger groups.

    Bringhe (Php 595/12 inch, Php 265/5  inch)

    The star of the Arroz Ecija is their Buy-1 Take-1 72-hour Bagnet (Php 1,350/1kg). From its name, the bagnet is prepared for a 72-hour process of boiling, frying, drying and marinating, just to be cooked to perfection.

    Not only that, the layers of the pork are exquisitely balanced, from an alternate thickness of the skin to meat ratio, which will ultimately exceed expectations.

    72-hour Bagnet (Php 765/500g, Php 1,350/1kg)

    Did we mention that Arroz Ecija also offers a splendid range of alcoholic beverages?

    The chef recommended the Gin and Tonic (Php 400), a drink composed of Givine, tonic water, orange slices, mint leaves, and black pepper. This beverage is a combination that gives the right zing to loosen up for the night out.

    Gin and Tonic (Php 400)

    For a better choice, you may also try their top-selling Red Sangria Tinto (Php 325), which is composed of diced apples, orange, spices, and sprints.

     Red Sangria Tinto (Php 325)

    Arroz Ecija also has a special function room and an open bar area for special occasions. The restaurant can also be closed to cater to certain events, such as for business meetings, wedding dinners, birthdays, and other celebrations.

    So invite your friends or family and dine-in to a whole new Filipino cuisine experience at Arroz Ecija in Uptown Mall, Taguig City!

    We recommend you to call and book a reservation at 02-541-7025 as the place is full most of the time.

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