February 29, 2024

% Arabica in BGC: New Hangout Spot for Coffee Lovers

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  • Manila, brace yourselves because % Arabica is back with a bang!

    IMAGE from % Arabica Instagram page

    After a brief hiatus in 2022, % Arabica has finally returned, unveiling an exquisite new branch at Mitsukoshi Mall – BGC. Originating from Japan, % Arabica is no stranger to coffee lovers worldwide. Marking its official reopening on July 21, 2023, the cafe is poised to once again tantalize taste buds with its expertly brewed coffee creations.

    The iconic percentage logo and the fusion of minimalistic and futuristic design at % Arabica’s new home make it an instant standout in the bustling neighborhood. Adorned in stark white furniture, the space exudes an air of sophistication and simplicity. And amid a landscape of overly decorated coffee shops, their minimalistic approach provides a refreshing respite, allowing patrons to focus on the essence of coffee itself. The seating, accommodating approximately 20 customers, offers an inviting ambiance for quick catch-ups with friends or moments of solitude with your beloved cup of joe.

    IMAGE from % Arabica Instagram page

    The menu boasts an array of coffee drinks and refreshments that cater to diverse preferences. Anchored by staples like americano, macchiato, and lattes, % Arabica’s offerings encompass all that coffee aficionados desire. The prowess of % Arabica’s skilled baristas further enhances the experience, with each cup meticulously crafted to perfection.

    IMAGE from % Arabica Instagram page

    Through its redesigned space and unwavering commitment to serving good coffee, % Arabica in Mitsukoshi Mall reiterates its status as a “aesthetic” hub for those seeking a new spot to drink caffeinated beverages in BGC.

    General Information

  • Unit 0214, 2/F, Mitsukoshi Mall, 8th Ave., 36th St., BGC, Taguig
  • 0917-107-9307
  • 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.
  • mitsukoshi@arabicakhoffee.com
  • arabica.ph/?hl=en
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