October 15, 2018

Movie Stars Café in Quezon City: From Reel to Real

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  • The Movie Stars Café is not a new name to foodies. Since its opening, people have flocked to the restaurant to get a glimpse of its unique and quirky concept.

    Soon to be on the menu. Afternoon Tea offerings.

    The café’s first base was in SM Mall of Asia. For years, people were entertained by dancing costumed heroes and served by some of the silver screen’s most evil villains. After five years, however, the café announced that it would move to a bigger location.

    Signed movie stills and headshots

    Care to share a drink with Darth Vader?

    Last September 2, 2018, the café finally re-opened, this time at Eton Centris in Quezon City. True to their word, the new location is bigger, occupying a space of 1,711 square meters. The new location now had a huge LED screen in the middle and a stage that’s strategically built so everyone can see the restaurant’s shows. There are also six VIP rooms which can accommodate 10 people each.

    These private rooms can sit up to 10 people each

    Of course, with a new location also came some changes. The servers aren’t in costume anymore so don’t expect to be served by Super Mario anytime soon. They still have the same kind of entertainment everyone has come to love and since they hire professional performance, there’s no reason to expect the best.

    Pocahontas (Php 460)

    There are also some significant changes to the menu. Their clam chowder, for example, which was formerly known as Pier 21 is now called Pocahontas (Php 460). Despite the name change, the soup still tastes much as it did before. It’s creamy and seasoned just right; not too salty but not bland. It also has so much clam that the flavor actually seeps into the bread.

    Space Balls (Php 480)

    Then, there’s Space Balls pizza (Php 480) which is named after Mel Brooks’ 1987 Star Wars parody. It has two kinds of cheese, pepperoni, bacon, ham, and hot sausage sitting on a homemade thin crust.  The tomato sauce isn’t sour and the sausage not too hot so it’s sure to be a home run with the kids.

    Wax on, wax off! Karate Kid (Php 320)

    If you’re after some Japanese fares, try the Karate Kid (Php 320). This bite-sized Japanese fried chicken is sure to be a hit – even with picky eaters.

    Maleficent (Php 1,100/whole and Php 240/slice)

    Once you’ve had enough of the savory stuff, grab a dessert, specifically, Maleficent (Php 1,100/whole and Php 240/slice). This strawberry and cream mousse is light, fluffy, fruity, and sweet – which is more than can be said of the world’s favorite villainess.

    Dancing Autobots may not be anyone’s first idea of entertainment but don’t knock it ’til you try it.

    There are a lot of things to try and discover at the Movie Stars Café. You can check their website if you want to learn more about this one-of-a-kind restaurant.

    General Information

  • G/F Centris Station, EDSA cor. Quezon Ave., Quezon City
  • (02) 987-1111
  • 0917-140-1111/ 0999-226-1111
  • 10 am - 11 pm Sunday to Thursday, 10 am - 12 mn Friday and Saturday
  • None
  • http://moviestarscafe.com/
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