October 06, 2017

Bengal Brew + Wolf & Bear in Cubao: An Irresistible Twin Pet Cafe

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  • Bengal Brew + Wolf & Bear in Cubao: An Irresistible Twin Pet Cafe
  • Bengal Brew + Wolf & Bear is a pet paradise at a corner of Manhattan Parkview in Cubao where pet lovers can go on a mini safari to find adorable furballs.

    Whether you’re a dog lover or a cat lover, you will surely find a place in this pet cafe. Bengal Brew + Wolf & Bear, as the name may already imply, has two sections – the cat area and dog area.

    Bengal Brew is for cat lovers.

    Wolf & Bear is for dog lovers.

    The cat area (Bengal Brew) is a mini wilderness with tree trunks and long overhead playground. There are different cats here, dominated of course by healthy Bengal cats. But it seems the scene stealer is the huge cats that look like leopards, the African Servals. These cats are snobbish but they are super charming, nonetheless.

    Sophia, with her tongue always sticking out, is one of the crowd favorites.

    The African Servals look intimidating but don’t be afraid to touch them!

    The dog area (Wolf & Bear) meanwhile has a brighter and more affable vibe, as we know how dogs are. Most of the dogs are gentle giants—large dog breeds like Alaskan Malamute, St. Bernard, and Newfoundland that are irresistibly cuddly! The dog area has a second floor where you can find smaller breeds like Shih Tzu and Toy Poodle.

    This Old English Sheepdog is a curious one!

    Guess what kind of dog this is.

    Caught in the act!

    There are tables inside the dog and cat areas so you can have your drink and pastry while watching or playing with the animals. Aside from serving delicious frappuccinos and sweet drinks, Bengal Brew + Wolf & Bear also has a minibar (found inside the dog area) where you can order wittily named cocktails like Bear Hug and Wake d’ Wolf.

    Husky Latte (Php 150)

    The cat and dog areas can be accessed by members only. You can avail of membership good for one year for Php 100. Once a member, you can enter the cat and dog areas if you order a minimum of one drink.

    Written by Rizelle “Rei” Leaño

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