May 10, 2016

Seven Corners

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  • Buffet, you say? See Seven Corners in Crowne Plaza.



    Crowne Plaza’s Seven Corners restaurant


    Various buffet restaurants have sprouted in Metro Manila, but not all do it like Seven Corners. With its various buffet offerings, ranging from appetizers up to dessert, you know it’s the restaurant you go to, when you want to satisfy your cravings.



    A selection of their Japanese food offerings


    Known for its vast seafood offerings in their buffet, Crowne Plaza’s Seven Corners offers standout dishes for everyone. They have an international buffet setting, which gives you more options to choose for your meal.




    Seven Corners has seven interactive buffet stations holding a variety of food from different countries. They have appetizer, Japanese, grilling, Asian pasta and pizza, Carving, Mains, and Desserts station. They have also offered Australian and Indian cuisines as well. Guests mostly recommend trying their steaks and lamb chops too.

    Have a great buffet at Seven Corners!


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