October 25, 2023

Honey Danji Korean Restaurant in Pasig: Offering Affordable Homestyle Korean Food

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  • Ah, the charm of those quaint mom-and-pop diners, where the clinking of cutlery and the comforting scent of home-cooked meals fill the air. These places make you long for the simplicity and warmth of the food you eat at home. Speaking simplicity, let us introduce you to Honey Danji Korean Restaurant in Pasig, a delightful hole-in-the-wall gem that perfectly captures this vibe. This restaurant may not be as widely known, but it’s a a go-to place for foodies who love authentic Korean cuisine.

    Mandu and Bibimbap / IMAGE from YummyAdvisor

    Located at Grand Emerald Tower, Honey Danji has quietly amassed a dedicated following for its delectable, yet affordable Korean cuisine. While the menu is relatively modest, it offers a satisfying array of staples such as bulgogi, ramyeon, gimbap, bibimbap, and many more. Despite its limited selection, Honey Danji strikes a balance between affordability and taste, with most dishes priced at around Php 240.

    Odeng and various banchan / IMAGE from YummyAdvisor

    Notable among their offerings are the Korean bento (Php 240), a hearty meal comprised of rice, choice of protein, a sunny side up egg, and various banchan, and bulgogi deobap (Php 260) a bowl of white rice topped with bulgogi (Korean beef bbq). The Bibimbap (Php 240) is also a good choice with fresh and crisp vegetables. For the budget-conscious, the Ramyeon (Php 140) is a must-try, featuring the beloved Korean instant noodles mixed with vegetables and an egg.

    IMAGE from YummyAdvisor

    Honey Danji might be one of Pasig’s lesser-known hole-in-the-wall restos, but their no-fuss, homestyle Korean fare are both pocket-friendly and well worth the visit. So go check it out with your family, friends, or even on your own if you’re around Ortigas Center.

    IMAGE from Zaubee

    General Information

  • Grand Emerald Tower, Garnet Road, San Antonio, Pasig
  • 0917-611-8765
  • 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
  • https://www.foodpanda.ph/restaurant/cq2d/honey-danji-korean-restaurant-inc-grand-emerald-tower-condominiums
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