June 28, 2015

Velvet Friends Cat Café

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  • If heaven is a place on Earth, it must be The Haven at the Velvet Friends Cat Café in Blue Bay Walk, Pasay. On soft opening since Independence Day, it is the home of 14 soft-pawed felines whose job is to bring joy to passersby and guests.


    COFFEE MAKES EVERYTHING POSSIBLE. Unlike other cat cafes in the Metro, the cafe is separated from the cat play area.


    WELCOME. The maneki-neko welcomes the visitors of Velvet Friends.

    It may come out as a surprise that before venturing to cats, owner Chito Aclon is a certified dog lover, and before that, a rabbit person. Together with Mrs. Venus Salangsang, they brought the idea of cat café into reality. They called suppliers and got referred to many breeders all over Europe and the Americas for their ambassador critters with the “velvet-y” fur that would form the “c-attraction” that is Velvet Friends. At the moment, the café is manned by a ten-crew team and two supervisors, in the stead of the owners who were overseas.


    KEEPING EVERYTHING ORGANIZED. Supervisor Ely and their very own human cat assistant.

    According to supervisor Ely Ignacio, they drew the inspiration for their interiors from the verandah usually seen in French cafés. The main motif is pastel that draws the eyes, complimented with cat accents. There are paintings from students featuring cats, plush seats with cat prints, pillows and mugs and even the food! Velvet Friends sticks to the idea of “Cats. Cats everywhere’.


    A COZY NOOK. Velvet Friends Cat Café is the perfect place for a gathering of ailurophiles.


    Café bar

    As a café, their priority in the menu is coffee, though they also offer milkshakes for the kids. Their desserts include Apple Pie (P185) and Blueberry Cheesecake. (P145).



    WORTH THE CARBS. Apple Pie (P185) and Blueberry Cheesecake (P145).


    MY MILKSHAKE BRINGS… all the kids to Velvet Friends


    Café menu and food


    Café wall with cat paintings and decorations.


    Even this angel has a pet cat.

    Planning to have 15 cats in the future, their current roster of ambassador cats include the breeds American Curl, British Shorthair, Cornish Rex, and a Puspin (a misnomer for the Domesticated Shorthair commonly found in the Philippines) to name a few. The cats are very friendly and the guests are allowed to cuddle them, as long as they are handled gently.


    IT WAS THIS BIG. The Main Coon, one of the largest breeds of domesticated cats.



    STARING AT YOUR SOUL. An American Curl (Left) and a Maine Coon (Right)


    I WANT TO LAY YOU DOWN IN A BED OF CATS. Their Cornish Rex who is described to be one of the most agile and friendly of the pack.


    FEEDING TIME! No one should get more than two bowls!

    In the company of cats, with your head in a satin cat-printed pillow, The Haven in Velvet Friends Cat Cafe is the ultimate heaven for cat lovers around.



    You’ll never want to leave once you’ve visited The Haven.

    Photos and article by Arvee Gomez

  • 2 / F Cluster H, Blue Bay Walk, Metropark, Pasay City
  • 09255570384
  • Mon to Sun at 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • www.facebook.com/pages/Velvet-friends-cat-cafe-company/1588163041432605.