December 28, 2023

The Smoking Joint: Southern Pride!

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  • The long strip of Aguirre Avenue in BF Homes is a haven for foodies down south. The new kid on the block has just arrived and has packed a whole lot of punch (and spice!) with it! The Smoking Joint is changing up the barbecue game with their tasty low and slow cooked specialties!


    HIGH ON BARBECUE. From outside, you can already smell what’s cooking on the grill!

    The Smoking Joint may just be on soft opening but it seems like they have got it all figured out. The restaurant’s small space is maximized with strategically set tables and stools. Outside, a couple of tables are also set and high chairs to match the bar layout near the barbecue griller. The interior has a modern industrial feel to it. The brick walls were designed to look unpolished, the bright cage lights lit up the room, and the wooden panels allowed their seal to stand out!


    INDUSTRIAL CHIC. Every detail in the restaurant was carefully thought of.

    They also have steel signs by the beer selection rack and wooden tables and stools that were seemingly designed with a branding iron.


    SMOKIN’ HOT. Wooden chairs that were iron branded with quirky lines!

    Their wall menu completed the whole look. It is hand-written on a blackboard for everyone to see! The attention they have placed on even the smallest details in the restaurant created the perfect mood for their customers.


    WHAT’S SMOKIN’? Smoked meat, ribs, sides, sandwiches and drinks!

    Their bestsellers are the Ribs, which can be ordered in Single (Php 250), Half (Php 490) or Full (Php 950) serving, and the thinly sliced Beef Brisket (Php 190/110g). They also have their special Dirty Rice, which perfectly complements the barbecue’s flavor! Meals are served on a slab of wood with a white sheet of paper that has been stamped with their own version of a notary seal!


    I WANT MY BABY BACK, BABY BACK RIBS! Slow cooked ribs with their signature Dirty Rice and one of a kind Hibiscus Crushed Drink!

    Their Ribs were separated by the bone and plated alternately into a beautiful dish. The meat was so soft it was literally falling off of the ribs! The sauce was generously glazed on the dish, which gave it the perfect sweet barbecue taste! The sweetness perfectly matched with its rub, which gave it a bit of a kick!


    NOW THIS IS FINGER LICKIN’ GOOD! Ribs herbed and glazed to perfection!

    The Beef Brisket took a little longer than the Ribs but it sure was worth the wait. The meat was thinly sliced and layered which boastfully showed the perfect shade of pinks and reds on the meat. It was soft and, despite how thin it was sliced, it packed a whole lot of flavor!


    BACON? NOPE. BRISKET! Beef Brisket served hot with sauce on the side.

    The Smoking Joint serves special local beers such as San Miguel Beer and Katipunan Craft Ales. They also have a one of a kind Hibiscus-flavored crushed drink which is definitely a must-try!


    CHEERS! Grab a bottle of your choice!

    The Smoking Joint has just placed itself on the map as the South’s newest contender. Armed with their low and slow cooked meat selections that are flavored to perfection, these guys are definitely on a whole new level of barbecue high.


    THE SMOKING JOINT. Low and slow barbecue from the South

    Article by Vikki Daet

  • 308 Aguirre Avenue BF Homes, 1718 Parañaque
  • (+632) 211 3617
  • 4:20 pm - onwards (Open every day)