July 14, 2016

Winnie’s Restaurant

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  • Their food puts the ‘win’ in Winnie’s.

    Located just along the highway, Winnie’s Restaurant is one of the places which many hotels recommend for a sumptuous and affordable pricing. Owned by Winona and Dani Pfister, the restaurant serves home-style fusion dishes, ready to cater any guests with their variety of food offerings. Name it, and they might have what you want.



    WINNIE’S RESTO. A collection of wines serve as a decoration for the restaurant.


    They serve Mediterranean, Indian, and Filipino cuisine which guests love as the hands-on owners will be there to accommodate reservations and walk-in customers who would love to see what they serve in the famous restaurant.



    MANGO SHAKE (P90). Have a flavorful and refreshing drink with their fresh fruit shake.



    CRAB MEAT CURRY (P310). One should not miss Winnie’s crab meat curry among their seafood dishes.



    PORKLOIN IN BLUE CHEESE (P290). For their meat dish, try this appetizing porkloin dish.



    FISH KILAWIN (P200). Have a taste of their take on Kilawin, a famous Filipino dish.


    The secret to their tasty dishes would be their herbs, which are homegrown at their backyard. The present owner of the restaurant where its name was derived from is a former cook at a resort which is why she already has a culinary expertise when it comes to the dishes. Winnie’s Restaurant likes to keep their food fresh, so they do not reheat to make sure that the food is served with the best quality.

    Taste Winnie’s sumptuous offerings and take delight in Coron’s gastronomic adventures!


  • National Highway, Brgy. Poblacion 4, Coron, Palawan
  • 0927-437-3731
  • 10:00 am to 10:00 pm