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Bean & Yolk in Alabang: All-Day Dose of Coffee and Eggs

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  • Coffee and eggs to jumpstart the day is always a good idea, but who’s to say you can’t have them at any time of the day? Committed to serving good coffee and good eggs, Bean & Yolk offers coffee and egg dishes all-day in the thriving area of Alabang in Muntinlupa City.

    Bean & Yolk Full Set / IMAGE from Bean & Yolk

    If you’re a frequent visitor of Poblacion in Makati and the name Bean & Yolk rings a bell, it is because its first branch was established in the area.

    The initial plan was to put up a go-to counter of coffee and quick snacks, a concept that adapts well to the fast-paced and busy life of the business district. But when more customers came in and started dining in, they decided to expand and bring the cafe to a bigger area.

    Thus, the birth of Bean & Yolk Alabang.   

    Bean & Yolk Team in Alabang / IMAGE from Bean & Yolk

    The interior of the store was changed. While the Makati branch was dark and bold, the Alabang branch defines simplicity, playing with basic colors mostly white, marble, and light-colored wood. 

    Bean & Yolk, Alabang / IMAGE from Bean & Yolk

    At the same time, Owner Chukoy also decided to expand their menu. They incorporated their signature sandwich and coffee offerings with their new selection of rice meals and other healthy options.

    The name Bean & Yolk resonates well as they are focused on eggs and coffee. In fact, they strive to incorporate eggs in every dish that they offer.

    But aside from serving good eggs and coffee, the cafe is also dedicated to providing healthy meals, with the use of the freshest organic ingredients from the market.

    “I know at this day and age it’s hard to be healthy because of all the options that we have, but healthy can also be yummy, that’s the main idea here,” Chukoy said in an interview with Philippine Primer.

    He also reiterated that the main idea was to have a straightforward menu using the simplest ingredients without sacrificing the taste. Simple, but done the right way.

    One of the crowd-favorites on their menu is the Salmon Burger made with their own salmon patty, egg salad, and lettuce, sandwiched between thick slices of brioche buns.

    Salmon Burger / IMAGE from Philippine Primer

    Bean & Yolk also has a healthier rendition to the classic Filipino breakfast tapsilog (tapa, fried rice, and egg), the B & Y Tapa Bowl.

    B & Y Tapa Bowl / IMAGE from Philippine Primer

    The tapa bowl is sure to help you power through the day with its combination of their homemade tapa, rice, and poached egg. It also has servings of atchara, roasted cherry tomatoes, spinach, and mango salsa.

    And how can we forget Bean & Yolk’s brews? They now have Matcha offerings for those who want some creamy and umami alternative to their usual coffee!

    Matcha / IMAGE from Bean & Yolk

    But we get it. You still love your daily dose of coffee. If there’s a cup of joe that should be sampled at Bean & Yolk, it should be a freshly brewed cup of Uncommon Beans. These beans come from the cafe’s coffee bean supplier Common Man Coffee Roaster, but what makes them special is the fact that they are produced in small amounts only.  

    Uncommon Beans 

    The Uncommon Beans are brewed using the pour over or hand brew method. One of the three brewing methods the cafe uses alongside Aeropress and espresso. The coffee it produces is strong and distinct, even uncommon if you may.

    Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you’re sure to find solace in Bean & Yolk and its all-day offering of delicious egg dishes and fresh cups of coffee.

    This first appeared in Philippine Primer magazine’s May 2019 issue.
    Written by Faye Almazan

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  • Westgate Hub, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
  • 0916-570-4878
  • 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Thursday to Tuesday); 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Saturday and Sunday)
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