December 03, 2017

Zark’s Burgers in Taft Ave., Malate

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  • Zark’s Burgers started only as a 20-seater, three man powered restaurant in 2009. It is owned by Rolandrei Viktor Varona whom is called by his friends as Mizarks or simply Zarks. Zark’s Burgers started only as the owner’s dream of opening his own restaurant, a burger chain which is affordable for all. Mr. Varona is an HRM graduate who worked in a cruise ship and was an OFW. Currently, he is the owner and president of Zarks Burger.

    /IMAGE Orange Magazine PH 

    What makes this burger house different from other restaurants is that the owner himself loves burgers and served as its inspiration in putting up the restaurant as a whole. Aside from that, this burger house also offers affordable burgers that are equally delicious compared to known fast food chains like Burgoo and Fridays.

    The success of this burger house is also because of the owner’s own efforts for he does not only see and consider Zark’s Burgers as a business, but more of a passion or hobby.

    Zark’s Burgers also accepts personalized order or menu. Aside from their guests who are Filipino locals, this burger house also cater to other foreign guests who are Japanese, Koreans, Indians, or Americans. Walk-ins are accepted and the serving size is usually good for at least 2 persons. With a tagline of “FRESH. HUGE. GREAT,” some of the restaurant’s bestsellers include:

    JAWBREAKER.  A challenge burger made with 3 pcs. 1/4 pound patty, 2 slices of spam, 2 strips of bacon, 1 oz cheese sauce (own recipe), lettuce, and tomato (Php 299 ala carte)

    ZARKS ULTIMATE BURGER. Signature burger made with 1/4 patty with cheddar, caramelized onions, sauteed mushroom and bacon, 0.5 oz of cheese sauce, lettuce, and tomato (Php 149 ala carte)

    Aside from their best sellers, Zark’s Burgers also offer their promos which would include the following:

    • Burger of the month:  Reaper burger made with carolina and ghost reaper (Php 159)
    • Burger Challenges:  Jawbreaker challenge (To be finished in 5 minutes) Php 349; if the burger is finished within time given, you will get it for free. Tombstone challenge (To be finished in 10 minutes) Php 599; if the burger is finished within time given, you will get it for free.

    You may visit Zark’s Burgers 2464 Taft Ave, Malate, Manila City. They are open daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

    Written By: Patricia Antoinette M. Nacianceno
    Image Source: Orange Magazine PH

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