March 25, 2014

Bistro Remedios

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  • Bistro Remedios is a well-established restaurant that has been in business for 25 years. You can easily find this restaurant at the Remedios Circle in Malate because of its wooden door and green roof.

    Once you set foot inside Bistro Remedios, you’ll forget that you are in Manila. Instead, you’ll feel that somehow you’ve travelled back in the early years of the Philippines. Spain has greatly influenced the Philippines, and inside this restaurant, a strong Spanish atmosphere lingers. Antique ornaments and paintings by famous Filipino artist decorates the wall, accentuated by soft lighting.

    Bistro Remedios2

    The second floor of Bistro Remedios has a balcony and some private rooms. The terrace is also available for diners who would like to enjoy their meals in a different manner. The private rooms are separated by a glass door, creating an ambiance that is different from the general seats. A group of 10-15 is free to occupy these rooms without having to pay a fee. For a smaller group, though, a rental fee might be charged but the price is negotiable.

    Wooden dining tables are placed in the middle of the room, making the Filipino tradition of eating together with your friends or family even more enjoyable.

    Bistro Remedios Crispy Tadyang d' Original

    A profound, nostalgic feeling of the old Spanish Era.

    P 1000 below per person

    Recommended menu:

    Binukadkad na Pla-pla (P 365)
    A fried tilapia dish eaten with Balo-balo, which is a unique sauce made from rice.

    Gulay Magalang (P 225)
    A local dish made from melon gourd and vegetables.

    Bamboo Rice (P 235)
    Rice cooked with shrimps in bamboo shoots

    Crispy Tadyang “D Original” (P 495)
    Crispy fried beef

    Claude’s Dream (P 120)
    Pandan jelly with water buffalo’s milk ice cream

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