May 13, 2016


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  • For music enthusiasts, for caffeine-dependent yuppies, for inspired young creatives—we present Satchmi to you.

    satchmi - e

    Inside SM Megamall is a hangout place called Satchmi, that is known for being a café plus music and vinyl shop. It’s where a community of audiophiles gather, to listen to good music produced by vintage turn tables while you sip a cup of coffee. As a hangout place inside a mall, it’s haven to those who would like to chill.

    coffee -e

    A cup of coffee makes a day better

    Apart from drinks and vinyls, Satchmi also sells turntables. The music store is such a sight to see what with its beautiful lighting, cozy interiors, and wall art.

    vinyl -e

    Satchmi’s vinyl shop

    Popular to the local music scene, Satchmi also holds events which feature up and coming independent music artists to showcase their talents.

    Aside from being the “it” place when it comes to vintage, music, and coffee. Its classic vibe makes it a place not only for the young ones, but also those who want to reminisce their younger years as they hear songs from vinyls of the past.

    Come and celebrate good music with great coffee here at Satchmi!

    All photos are grabbed from Satchmi’s Facebook page

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