March 25, 2014


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  • Shokuji is a restaurant tucked away in Salcedo Village in Makati. If you want to eat reasonably priced Japanese cuisine, then you should try out ‘Shokuji Emperor Teishoku’ (P395).


    Just like the name itself, it is a luxurious set menu that gives you a chance to eat a lot of exquisite Japanese food. The Filipino version of California roll, miso soup, tuna sashimi and tempura are the dishes included in this set menu.


    The meat (grilled meat, chicken, pork cutlet, shrimp tempura) sauce is delicious! It has a very addicting flavour that will make you eat more rice. The grilled chicken, on the other hand, goes with a sweet Filipino sauce that is perfect for either beer or sake.


    For entertainment or lunch

    A fancy restaurant

    P500/ per person

    Recommended Menu:
    Shokuji Emperor Teishoku (P395)


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