May 19, 2014

New Bombay

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    Photo 1 – Paneer Tika – BBQ cottage cheese(P170)


    Photo 2 – Masala Dosa – vegetables wrapped in a crepe (India version) (P155)


    Photo 3 – Outside New Bombay

    Along the crowded luxury condos in Dela Costa Street, Makati lies an Indian restaurant also popular among our Japanese friends. New Bombay is a small restaurant but it offers a genuine taste of authentic Indian cuisines. Most of the patrons are people who work in Makati. Their menu is rich with curry, vegetables, mutton and chicken. New Bombay is one of those Asian restaurants that offer a taste of their own cuisines for a reasonable price. Many Filipinos are spicy food lovers but they adjust the spiciness upon customers’ request.

    ● Applications: Best for lunch dates
    ● In-Store Atmosphere: Cafeteria-style
    ● Budget: P250+
    ● Recommended menu :
    – Samosa (P70)
    – Tandoori chicken (P160
    – Chicken tikka masala (P150)
    – Masala Dosa (P155)
    – Nan (P55)
    – Fruit Lassi (P60)

    Salcedo Village

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