March 24, 2014

Home of delicious takoyaki: Hana in Little Tokyo

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  • Japanese street foods, just as their staples, are also what makes Japanese cuisine the best.

    Takoyaki (P140/6 pieces)

    Found in Little Tokyo, Hana has become the restaurant to go to for your favorite Japanese snacks. It is a small izakaya, where they sell yaki (grilled food), rice cakes, and drinks. They are famous for their takoyaki, a ball-shaped snack described as “Japanese octopus dumplings” filled with pickled ginger, onion, tempura scraps, or octopus. These takoyaki are cooked by a Japanese chef so you know it’s really as authentic as it can get.

    Chicken Garlic Steak (P300)

    Aside from takoyaki, Hana also offers full meals. Some of the dishes that this restaurant serve are stir-fried vegetables and the must-order crab mango salad, which is an innovative menu born from the idea of its Filipino chef. After a meal, customers might want to try out the different varieties of shaved ice that Hana offers.

    Hana in Little Tokyo/IMAGE from Hana’s Facebook page

     Although the place is relatively small, you will enjoy the food they offer here as you get to taste the snacks which are part of the Japanese cuisine.

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