July 17, 2017

Sicilian Roast by Giuseppe Genco: A Sicilian Dining scene in Legazpi, Makati

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  • Sicilian Roast by Giuseppe Genco: A Sicilian Dining scene in Legazpi, Makati
  • As a restaurant known for all things Italian, Sicilian Roast by Giuseppe Genco steals the spotlight when it comes to their unique Italian dishes.

    Margherita Php 490 A traditional pizza from Napoli

    Just a year ago, Sicilian Roast by Giuseppe Genco revamped its concept when they hired a new Italian chef to man the kitchen of this popular hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant in Legazpi Village, Makati. With their current menu consisting mostly of Southern Italian dishes and a few selected from the North, Sicilian Roast gives you another reason to re-visit their hub.

    Penne/Rigatoni alla Norma Php 430 A Sicilian style pasta with tomato sauce and eggplants

    Dining area

    Bar area

    Having Chef Dario, a pizzaiolo ( a person who makes pizza) certified by the Associazone Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN) in Sicilian Roast, you are sure to be welcomed with a fine array of Italian dishes. His Neapolitan Pizzas use only the best flour selected and certified by AVPN. His keen attention to details is his secret when it comes to perfecting his culinary craft.

    Antipasto Siculo Php 980

    Most of their ingredients are imported from Italy, to ensure that the flavor of the food they serve will have that distinct Italian aroma. The ingredients, pastries, and selection of wines are on full display where customers can buy. They also have a bar where they have a bartender who concocts these top cocktail creations you’ll only find in their place.

    Invotini di carne alla Palermitana Php 430

    Chef Dario’s original pizza, Amalfitana Php 550

    One of the must-try dishes here would be Amalfitana, a pizza inspired by the Amalfi coast which uses anchovies and Colatura di alici di cetara, an extract of salted anchovies. Make sure to try this famed Italian specialty as you visit Sicilian Roast!

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