February 24, 2017

Abaca Restaurant in Cebu

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  • Abaca Restaurant, the in-house bar and restaurant of Abaca Resort provides a full service California-Mediterranean inspired menu to both its guests and walk-in customers.

    Owned by Chef Jason Hyatt, Abaca Restaurant has been around for the past 10 years before the resort. The restaurant uses only the finest local and imported ingredients which are mostly sourced locally in support of the local farmers of Cebu.

    Trying to keep things as fresh and uncomplicated as possible, the menu is just straightforward; nothing too complicated, nothing too fancy, but what Abaca does best is preparing things with integrity. They take pride in the artisanal aspect of the cuisine, making their staff from scratch, serving the best quality of food for the customers. Their pastas and bread are made fresh daily. While the food and the place itself may seem like a real money drainer at a glance, the prices are actually reasonable for the quality that you’ll get. You get what you pay for.


    6-HOUR PORK BELLY. Champ mash, French Beans, curry, garlic (P925)

    The bill of fare used to be extensive, but Chef Jayson chose to stay true to his philosophy: “Keep it short and simple, but do it with care and integrity.” Currently, the menu includes wood fired oven roasted meats and seafood, homemade pizzas and pastas, freshly baked breads, tapas, and an array of salads and appetizers. They also serve top quality wines and beer.

    The whole restaurant can accommodate around 70 to 80 guests. The award winning restaurant is open to the public and can also be rented as an events place.

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