September 07, 2017

La Marea Restaurant in Montemar Beach Club, Bataan

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  • After a day of lounging by the beach and doing some sports and water activities, it’s only right to forget about your “beach body” for a while and treat yourself with a nice set of meals. Montemar Beach Club’s La Marea is the restaurant to go to for whatever craving you may have at the moment.

    Located strategically close to the members’ pool, the inns, and the beach area, La Marea is easily accessible by anyone who suddenly finds themselves hungry and craving for something. The restaurant prides itself in serving a combination of Asian, Continental, and Western Cuisine, that would fit the palette of anyone who prefers a certain kind of dish.

    For the meat-lovers out there, try their Bacon-Wrapped Tenderloin Beef with Buttered Garlic Prawns. The meat is grilled to a perfect medium rare, so it’s sure to be tender and flavorful, complementing the shrimp and the bacon wrapped around it.

    The new Bourbon-Style Baby Back Ribs with Coleslaw also makes a great dish to fill an empty stomach. The slab of ribs they serve is perfect for a family, and they surely will keep coming back for more until the ribs are basically all bones.

    Those who have a particular craving may also request it to La Marea’s chef. However, they recommend that they make their orders in advance so they may be able to get and to shop all the ingredients they would need.

    The restaurant also offers breakfast buffets, as well as lunch and dinner buffets, to accommodate the number of people dining in the place.

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