June 25, 2024

Big Mama in Poblacion: Serving Your All-time Favorite Korean Fried Chicken in Makati

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  • Big Mama in Poblacion: Serving Your All-time Favorite Korean Fried Chicken in Makati
  • Korean fried chicken has always been a favorite among flavor-loving Filipinos. Its crispy, often golden, chicken skin, complemented by its juicy and flavorful meat, makes it an enjoyable snack for anyone.

    In Poblacion, Makati, there is one Korean restaurant that serves your favorite Korean fried chicken in all its glorious taste and textures! This is Big Mama Korean Restaurant along Polaris Street in Poblacion!

    IMAGE from Philippine Primer

    Big Mama Korean Restaurant is a simple, casual dining establishment in Poblacion that serves a range of Korean chicken dishes including fried and spicy marinated chicken offerings as well as the Yang Nyum and soy sauce variants. Their servings of fried chicken are known for their mild seasoning, making the original flavors of the chicken stand out.

    Fried Chicken (Regular-Php 900; Half-Php 500) / IMAGE from Philippine Primer

    Aside from these chicken offerings, Big Mama also cooks other hearty meals, including Budae Jigae, a kind of chili paste soup with spam, sausages, burger patties, pepperoni, white tofu, beans, and other veggies, as well as the Filipinos’ ever-favorite Samgyupsal, complete with its usual side dishes.

    Of course, Jjin Mandu or steamed dumplings, as well as Bibim Bap, made with mixed vegetables, bulgogi beef, and a flavorful chili paste, are also available for those craving for both!

    IMAGE from Big Mama Korean Restaurant’s Facebook page

    Excitingly, for those who want to hang out with friends over Korean cuisine and ice-cold drinks, Big Mama also offers their Korean version of pulutan which are usually finger food or small dishes to go with beer and other alcoholic beverages such as soju and high ball.

    Among their pulutan are O-Gam-Tteok featuring rice cake, dry squid, and fried potatoes. They also have sizzling plates of shrimp and squid and the ever favorite Jokbal or pork trotters!

    While Big Mama’s meals are rich, flavorful, and hearty to say the least, the restaurant might only seat a few guests, making an intimate dining experience possible with your friends or colleagues.

    IMAGE from Philippine Primer

    Still, Big Mama makes it possible for their guest to enjoy warm, homecooked, Korean meals by allowing to-go orders, perfect for dinners at home when cooking seems to be a chore after a long workday!

    With its extensive menu of Korean dishes, Big Mama can surely be your new go-to option for savory meats, spicy bowls of soup, and crunchy chicken any time of the day.

    General Information

  • Azotea de Bel-Air Condominium, 5768 Polaris Street, Poblacion, Makati City
  • 0917-774-2833
  • 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
  • bigmamarestaurant
  • Restaurant Menu
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