October 11, 2019

YUKI in Makati Brings the Flavors of Hokkaido to Your Plate

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  • Tucked away from the busy street of Makati City is YUKI—an all-day cafe serving Japanese eats and delights that will surely float your boat. 

    Born from a love of food and travel, the restaurant brings flavors from Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost region, to your plates. 

    For starters, you’ll love their Ramen Salad (Php 180) as it’s light in the tummy. This dish features ramen noodles that are tossed in a sesame oil dressing and topped with vegetables, crab sticks, and egg. 

    Ramen Salad (Php 180)

    Consider trying their Carbonara (Php 320) for the mains. This take on carbonara is made with egg, butter, parmesan, cream, and bacon. The flavors blend well together, creating a delectable finish. 

    Note that all the pasta dishes at YUKI are made with spaghetti.

    Carbonara (Php 320)

    If you’re more of a rice person, their Hamburg in Curry Sauce (Php 250) is for you. 

    What’s good about this dish is that while it boasts of a curry flavor, it doesn’t overpower the overall taste. 

    Hamburg in Curry Sauce (Php 250)

    They also have Prawn Tempura (Php 290) that is surely a favorite among foodies. You’ll enjoy the crunchy outer layer and the succulent shrimp that this classic Japanese dish can offer. 

    YUKI’s Prawn Tempura is served with a side of vegetable tempura. 

    Prawn Tempura (Php 290)

    However, if you’re looking for something lighter, they have a variety of sandwiches like the Egg Salad & Cucumber Sandwich (Php 220) served with nori-seasoned potato chips. The sandwich is ideal for those who want to eat a quick lunch or grab a snack to-go. 

    Other sandwiches include Shrimp & Crab, Ham & Cheese, Ham & Egg, and Tonkatsu & Cabbage Slaw. Prices may vary per sandwich.

    Egg Salad & Cucumber Sandwich (Php 220) 

    As for desserts, their Sweet Crepes (Php 240) is a must. This heavenly treat comes in different flavors like Matcha Azuki, Banana Nutella, Choco Strawberry, Mango Dulce de Leche, and Fruits and Cheese. 

    Sweet Crepes (Php 240)

    Further, try the crispy Liege Waffles (Php 240) that is served with sprinkles of pearl sugar. Their Matcha Azuki flavor is worth noting as it brings forth flavors of Japan with their azuki or red bean paste, which is commonly used as a filling for the ever-famous taiyaki. 

    You can also sample the waffles in Banana Nutella, Choco Strawberry, Mango Dulce de Leche, Fruits and Cheese, and Simple (maple syrup and butter).

    Liege Waffles (Php 240) 

    You might have heard of those airy and soft Japanese pancakes. Well, YUKI has its own take on Japanese Pancakes (Php 240) served with a fruit cup, maple syrup, and whipped butter. 

    Note that the pancakes are made fresh to order and usually take 30 minutes to prepare.

    Japanese Pancakes (Php 240)

    Lastly, their Taiyaki (Php 160) is definitely a treat. This is a snack that you rarely see at most Japanese restaurants, but YUKI serves it in three flavors: Azuki, Cheese, and Nutella.

    Taiyaki (Php 160) 

    You’ll also find that YUKI boasts of a cozy interior that is very Instagrammable, making it ideal for a casual hangout or a relaxed family dinner. 

    YUKI is currently on soft opening. Their menu and operating hours may change after their grand opening to accommodate more people at any time of the day.

    How to get here

    • By car: You can drive to Assembly Grounds at the Rise where YUKI is located. Take Ayala Avenue then make a right at Yakal. Basement parking is available at the Assembly Grounds at the Rise.
    • By public transport: You may take the Makati Loop Service PUJ from Landmark then get off at South Avenue. The Assembly Grounds at the Rise is a 5-minute walk from your drop-off point.
    • The nearest landmarks to Assembly Grounds at the Rise are the Makati Central Post Office to its west (1-min walk) and the Makati Fire Safety Foundation Inc., to its south (2-min walk).

    General Information

  • Assembly Grounds at The Rise, Malugay St., Makati City
  • 0945-481-7462
  • 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • https://www.yukiph.com
  • https://www.facebook.com/YukiCafePH
  • https://www.instagram.com/yukicafeph
  • Restaurant Menu
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