March 25, 2014

Tonkatsuya in Creekside Mall: Makati’s Favorite Affordable Place for Lunch Set Meals

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  • Looking for an affordable alternative to your usual lunch places in Makati? Look no further as Tonkatsuya in Creekside Mall offers budget-friendly meals below Php 300!

    Tonkatsuya’s lunch sets, comprised of rice, vegetables, and miso soup, are made even heartier with their tonkatsu or pork cutlets, deep-fried to a crisp. Besides this Japanese favorite, their menu also carries other dishes including curry rice, tempura, and takoyaki!

    For some of their must-tries, order their creamy and flavorful Katsu Curry and the chewy Cheese Katsu that will make you come back for this juicy and crunchy treat! They can also deliver to close offices and residential, making your favorites just within reach.

    DSC_0025_2Tonkatsu or Pork Cutlet

    Other than pork cutlets, their menu also offers a variety of single dishes such as gyoza or dumpling, chasu ramen, and takoyaki, a popular Japanese snack baked every day in front of their restaurant.


    This humble restaurant at the Creekside Mall is actually hiding many treasures of their own that can only be uncovered by a good sense of taste. Given the name, Tonkatsuya can well be your new go-to place for a well-meaning lunch with your colleagues!

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