October 05, 2021

Kuranosuke in Makati Serves Authentic Japanese Food that Makes You Savor a Taste of Japan

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  • Kuranosuke in Makati Serves Authentic Japanese Food that Makes You Savor a Taste of Japan
  • They say that the best way to get into a man’s heart is through his stomach, although the same applies to women. This is exactly what happened to Christina Perilla of Kuranosuke.

    Christina, a certified Japanophile, slowly, but steadily fell in love with everything Japanese —especially food—when she visited the Land of Rising Sun for business. Over time, she got more and more exposed to the local culinary scene and gained interest in its food culture. During one such trip, she had a Eureka moment and decided to open a restaurant, intending to share her passion for Japanese cuisine.

    Thus, the restaurant we all know and love was born…

    Kuranosuke’s mouth-watering Japanese curry

    Sushi, donburi, and curry meals are just some of the pleasures usually craved by the Japanese food connoisseur. These are just some of the treats Kuranosuke is offering to their hungry patrons.

    In particular, customers sing praises about the restaurant’s flavorsome ramen such as miso, tsukemen, shio, and shoyu, all made the traditional way to ensure authenticity and depth of flavor. For the full ramen experience, pair it with gyoza and ajitama on the side.

    Kuranosuke’s famous shoyu ramen

    They also serve the freshest tuna and sashimi this side of town!  One of their bestsellers is the sushi platter, which is a great way  to sample Kuranosuke’s bountiful harvest.

    Who wouldn’t want to eat sushi this appetizing?

    And of course, they offer quality shochu and sake to boot! If you can’t finish your drink, you can have it stored and drink it upon your inevitable return.

    So if you happen to be in Makati, you should definitely visit Kuranosuke in The Gallery to sample their authentic, yet affordable ramen, sushi, and more that will surely to satisfy your cravings for Japanese food.

    They are available on Grabfood and foodpanda, so you can enjoy their food at the comfort of your home and offices.

    Kuranosuke is also one of the merchants of Mercato United Kitchen located at Ayala Curcuit Malls, Makati and an investor as a whole.

    For promos, announcements, and more, follow them on Facebook.

    For reservations, inquiries, or take out, please contact them at 0995-633-0277.

    Kuranosuke is located at the Creekside, The Gallery Bldg., Unit G-IV, Amorsolo St, Makati; open daily from 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.

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