August 07, 2019

Kappou Nakaji Brings Authentic Japanese Homecooking to Makati

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  • Kappou Nakaji Brings Authentic Japanese Homecooking to Makati
  • Nestled in Amorsolo Street in Makati is this new Japanese restaurant that promises nothing more than authentic Japanese food, making you feel right at home.

    Kappou Nakaji’s diverse menu ranges from classic Japanese appetizers to stews, rice and noodle dishes, grilled meat and seafood, hot pots, and specialty Japanese food like curry and oden. All these scrumptious offerings are best partnered with Japanese sake and beer, which you can also order from the restaurant.

    To start off your Japanese food trip, try out the absolute favorite finger food by many: Deep-fried Octopus (Php 350). The octopus meat is cooked just right to make it crispy and not chewy—a perfect appetizer for one satisfying meal.

    Deep-fried Octopus (Php 350) / IMAGE Kappou Nakaji

    For the main course, you can opt to order Nikujagan (Php 280), a Japanese comfort dish that literally translates to “meat and potatoes.” The meat and potatoes are stewed in sweetened soy sauce with onions and vegetables.

    Nikujagan (Php 280) / IMAGE Kappou Nakaji

    Is it authentic Japanese home cooking without the good ol’ Special Japanese Curry (Php 450)? This classic Japanese take away dish is so easy to make yet so delicious, and you can get it at Kappou Nakaji anytime you want.

    Special Japanese Curry (Php 450) / IMAGE Kappou Nakaji

    Aside from the food, the traditional Japanese counter and Japanese-styled doors in the restaurant also add to the homey vibe of Kappou Nakaji.

    The restaurant is on its soft opening right now and is set to open regularly to the public this August. You can find them on the ground floor of Gervasia Condotel, Amorsolo St., Makati City.

    Make sure to drop by between 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. to sample some of Japan’s best!

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