September 05, 2016

Your home away from home: Sanafe Lodge and Restaurant

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  • Your home away from home: Sanafe Lodge and Restaurant
  • Sanafe Lodge is your home away from home here in Banaue, Ifugao.


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    IN AND OUT SANAFE. Sanafe has indoor and outdoor seats whichever the customer prefers

    No other place can make you feel at home and safe in this popular lodge in Banaue. The Sanafe Lodge and Restaurant, owned by Susan Paredes, has become a favorite accommodation for returning visitors because of its hospitable staff and lovely place.

    As you enter the place, you can’t help but feel at home—from their woody interiors and decorations that looks exactly like everyone’s home, up to the friendly staff who will happily assist you with whatever you need. All these things you see in the place are Ms. Susan’s ideas, who is also well-travelled and a long-time hotelier who knows exactly what a lodge needs and should look like. It was in May 1978 when the place was built as more and more tourists were starting to visit Banaue which has now emerged into a tourism spot.  It was named Sanafe, which was named after her own namesake (S-Susan), her mother Ana, and Fe, her sister. Since it was opened as tourists requested a “backpacker’s lodge” in the town, more travelers felt at home and recommended it to their friends, making Sanafe more famous in the years which came.

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    ACCOMMODATIONS. Their dorm and rooms price range from P200 to P1900.

    Sanafe offers 5 types of rooms and a dormitory type that can accommodate up to 30 persons. They have rooms that have a great view of the mountains while their standard singles are those near the streets. They have unique interiors of Banaue paintings which will remind you of the beauty of the place. These rooms are all safe and clean which makes the place great for accommodation.


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    THE VIEW OUTSIDE. There’s a semi-private dining area and a seat with an overlooking view of the lush forest

    Sanafe also has an in-house restaurant where they serve both local and international cuisine dishes. The restaurant has an indoor and outdoor seating where you can have the mountains as the backdrop when you dine. At the veranda, you will see artworks hung at the walls made by students from Manila who have frequently visited the place for their school outings. There’s also a semi-private area and a mini garden where you can enjoy dining peacefully, surrounded by the plants they grow in the place. If you’d really like to marvel at place, you can opt to sit facing the terraces for an attractive sight to see during breakfast.

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    DINE IN. Their bestsellers are Chicken Curry (P150), Ilocano-style Pinakbet (vegetable dish) P140, Beef Salpicao (marinated beef with soy-based sauce) P190, and Sweet and Sour Pork (P150). For desserts, their bestselling dish is fried banana in olive oil with honey and sesame seeds. *not in their usual serving sizes

    Aside from local dishes, they also serve dishes such as pasta and vegetable for the healthy eaters. Sanafe also has its own mini bar where they offer international wines for people who would like to cap off the night with a drink.

     If you’re looking for a place which can guarantee you a well-assisted and safe stay, choose Sanafe. Its popularity among tourists already makes a name for itself. As you enter this beautiful Banaue lodge, you know you’re going to have a good time in the company of great people, hearty meals, and convenient accommodation. Let Sanafe Lodge and Restaurant be one of the places you visit in Banaue!


  • Banaue Trade Center, Banaue, Ifugao
  • 02-475-5314
  • 0918-947-7226
  • Operating Hours for restaurant: 6:00 am to 8:30 pm (last call) Operating Hours for lodge: 5:00; Check out: 10:00
  • (Sanafe Lodge and Restaurant)