July 20, 2015

Simple Lang in Makati: Filipino comfort food at its finest

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  • Simple Lang is another Raintree Restaurant concept that offers and showcases comfort Filipino cuisines that are delightful and delicious. The restaurant is located centrally in the lush Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City is a great place to go if you want a modernized and enjoyable Filipino food.

    Dining Place (Entrance) Pic 1_res

    Dining Place (Entrance)

    The restaurant’s ambiance is simple yet lively and upbeat with elegant interior designs matched with bright colors and lights, relaxing wooden furniture and appealing printed words on the walls.

    Dining Place view from the second floorPic 4_res

    Dining Place view from the second floor

    Your're So Special Menu written on the board Pic 6_res

    Your’re So Special Menu written on the board

    Printed Words on the Wall Pic 7_res

    More menu on the wall

    Most of the food items in the menu are prepared with a twist and a touch of Filipino culinary expertise. The “You’re So Special” lunch menu is considered their bestseller and main specialty. Also one of the bestsellers and recommended dishes is the Inihaw na Panga Salmon (P275), a tasty and tender grilled dish where special sauce and other spices marinated salmon with fresh green vegetables, sili (chili) and calamansi (local lemon) on the side. Another must try is the Binagoongan Rice (P195), a yummy fried rice that makes use of bagoong (shrimp paste), assorted vegetables, spices and egg. Another best-seller is the Seafood Bicol Express (P375), the hot and savory bowl of mixed seafood in coconut milk with shrimps, squids, clams and fish fillets added with selected vegetables. For vegetable lovers, try the healthy Thai Green Curry Gising-Gising (P160), a distinctive recipe made up of green beans and ground pork cooked in coconut milk.

    Inihaw na Panga Salmon P275 Pic #8_res

    Inihaw na Panga Salmon (P275)

    Binagoongan Rice P195 Pic #9_res

    Binagoongan Rice (P195)

    Seafood Bicol Express P375 Pic #10_res

    Seafood Bicol Express P375

    Thai Green Curry Gising - Gising P160 Pic #11_res

    Thai Green Curry Gising-Gising (P160)

    For snacks, the newest in their menu are the Ilocos Style Sisig Empanada (150), a tasty and enticing pastry recipe using sisig (a crisp chopped pork belly) in a fried thin taco and Iced Ginataang Bilo-Bilo (150), a sweet and luscious specialty made from chewy rice balls in coconut milk.Another must try is their own version of Fresh Lumpia Rolls (P95), a vegetable dish composed of different vegetables wrapped in a soft wrapper with muscovado sauce, garlic and crushed peanuts. For refreshment, order the Double Mint Sago’t Gulaman (P110), definitely not your ordinary thirst-quenching sweet drink.

    Ilocos Style Sisig Empanada P150 Pic #12_res

    Ilocos Style Sisig Empanada (P150)

    Iced Ginataang Bilo-Bilo Pic #13_res

    Iced Ginataang Bilo-Bilo

    Fresh Lumpia Rolls P95 Pic #14_res

    Fresh Lumpia Rolls P95

    Double Mint Sago't Gulaman P110 Pic #15_res

    Double Mint Sago’t Gulaman (P110)

    The dining areas can seat a total of 60 people. They also accept events and catering services. Bring your family and friends and enjoy together the Filipino favorites of all time.

    Email Address: marketing@raintree.com.ph


    Article by Adrian Pempena

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