July 12, 2017

Oasis Restaurant in Bohol

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  • Dining by the beach? Sounds like a great idea, right? Good thing you can do this in Bohol as you try Oasis Restaurant.


    Oasis Restaurant is the in-house restaurant of the Oasis Resort, Bohol’s most popular dive center. With over 35 years of existence, the resort has proven that they are the best in terms of catering to tourists both local and foreign, not only with their diving facilities but also when it comes to a dining experience.


    Oasis Restaurant offers food from different cuisines such as Filipino and European which makes them create culinary wonders that people who visit Bohol will surely love to try. They also have fresh fish for their “Catch of the Day,” and a Chef’s Special that changes frequently.

    Aside from seafood, Oasis Restaurant is also popular for serving the meatiest and juiciest burger in town, which also happens to be the biggest one in Alona Beach. It’s a bestseller you wouldn’t want to miss when you want to dine in at the restaurant.

    Chill by the beach

    Oasis is a semi-fine dining restaurant that gives you a relaxing view of the beach as you eat outside. They have comfortable seats that make the dining more relaxing, the best way to end your day adventure in Bohol.

    If you wish to unwind without heavy meals, Oasis also has a bar where you can order from their collection of drinks as they also have alcoholic beverages such as cocktails and international wines which can help you cap off the night better.

    For those who would like to spend the night downing some drinks, they have a happy hour every day where they serve beer and rum. They also feature their diving highlights while you are at the bar to keep you amazed with what they have to offer in terms of their diving shop.

    Aside from their space beside the beach, they also have a restaurant near their accommodation where their guests can dine for their breakfast. Be sure to try out their fresh seafood offerings too perfect for that island vibe that you want when in Bohol.

    Oasis Restaurant is really the best place to dine in with your fellow divers as it can also be a one-stop destination for those who want a place to eat, sleep, and to have amazing adventures too!

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