February 08, 2017

Lobo Filipino Tavern in Poblacion

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  • Rooting for a sumptuous full feast or just a chill and boozy night on a weekend? You might want to check out Lobo Filipino Tavern, the newest innovative concept from the same family that brought us the Persia Grill.

    Lobo’s Lamb Adobo (Php 275)

    Being the brainchild of former Filipino actor and TV host, Kian Kazemi, this home-grown bistro doesn’t only showcase the best of modern Filipino cuisine but also pay tribute to the Philippine culture as well as architecture. 

    The war between sinigang and adobo supporters continue. Sinigang already has odd (not to mention tasty) versions such as sinigang na corned beef and sinigang na lechon. Not to be outdone, Lobo has the Lobo’s Lamb Adobo (Php 275). Though many shy away from lamb due to the difficulty of cleaning and cooking the meat, the restaurant’s version is tender and not gamey at all.

    Tofu Sisig Nachos (Php 299)

    What’s a cold beer without some bar chow? For traditionalists, there’s the ever-reliable Inihaw na Liempo (Php 120). It’s so tasty that you might just find yourself ordering another round of beer…or rice…maybe even both. Those looking to tickle their taste buds can try a traditional-new crossover: The Tofu Sisig Nachos (Php 299). Yes, it tastes like sisig. Yes, it’s made from tofu and yes, it’s completely vegetarian.

    Draft beer

    For Filipino comfort food that can take you on a cultural trip, head over to Lobo Filipino Tavern.

    Lobo Filipino Tavern is located at 4898 Durban Street, Poblacion, Makati.

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