February 20, 2024

Teakha in Pasig: Serving Traditional and Modern Chinese Favorites in an Intimate Space

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  • Teakha is an underrated restaurant you’d stumble upon while looking for your Chinese fix and instantly fall in love with, especially if you’re in Pasig or nearby areas.

    IMAGE from Teakha

    Teakha is a family-owned restaurant in Kapitolyo, Pasig known for their authentic Chinese cuisine, served in a warm, inviting atmosphere. They place great emphasis on the quality of the dishes by highlighting authentic Chinese flavors, adjusted to the Filipino palate. Signature items include Honey Glazed Prawn (Php 595), Lechon Macau (Php 505), Minced Beef Fried Rice (Php 440), Nestum Chicken (Php 425), and Shrimp Dumpling Hacao (Php 195).

    These dishes reflect Chef Melchor’s 40 years of experience in the kitchen, honed through his training as a hotel cook and experience in a Chinese restaurant in Guam.

    Teakha also offers diverse range of hot and cold beverages, along with a curated selection of alcohol choices including local and Chinese beer.

    Nestum Chicken / IMAGE from Teakha

    Lechon Macau / IMAGE from Teakha

    With a seating capacity of 60 diners, Teakha’s cozy dining space makes it a great spot for intimate dates, where couples can enjoy a blend of traditional and modern Chinese dishes, and casual meals, where the laid-back vibe encourages laughter and easy conversations over hearty and soul-warming food.

    For larger gatherings, the restaurant offers private dine-in reservations for groups of 30 or more, with consumable costs ranging from Php 55,000 (Mon-Thu) to Php 65,000 (Fri-Sun). While the restaurant does not have private rooms, they can accommodate group table reservations, private dine-ins, and catering services.

    IMAGES from Teakha

    So whether you’re whispering sweet nothings with your significant other or eating with gusto in celebration with your loved ones or colleagues, Teakha effortlessly blends charm, flavor, and warmth that makes it the go-to spot for any occasion.

    Dim Sum / IMAGE from Teakha

    General Information

  • 707 Shaw Boulevard, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
  • (+632) 7003 3604
  • 0949-574-1278 / 0915-419-2245
  • 9 a.m. - 10 p.m.
  • hello@teakhadimsum.com
  • https://www.teakhadimsumph.com/
  • teakha.ph/
  • teakha.ph/
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