March 18, 2014

Szechuan House, Manila (CLOSED)

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  • UPDATED as of January 15, 2019: This restaurant is CLOSED.

    In Sze Chuen Lau, you can enjoy the tasty and spicy Sichuan cuisine. This restaurant is located at Aloha Hotel, along Roxas Boulevard Street.

    This restaurant’s most popular dish is the hot and sour soup ‘Mapo Tofu.’ This soup’s spiciness is quite addictive and it is also well-liked by both the elderly and children.

    shi chun lao

    Sza Chuen Lau offers a variety of dishes that can be counted to 300; other than that, it also has private rooms and banquet seats.


    Lunch or dinner with your friends and family and for entertainment


    A long- establish shop that gives of a nostalgic feeling

    Budget: P400 per person

    Recommended Menu:

    Mapo Tofu




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