January 11, 2024

Spicy Chinese Restaurant in Makati: Serving Szechuan, Hunan, and Cantonese Dishes

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  • There’s no getting around it. If you’re craving for rich, spicy Chinese food, you’ll never get disappointed with Spicy Chinese Restaurant along Chino Roces Avenue, near Yakal Street, in Makati City!

    IMAGE from Spicy Chinese Restaurant 

    The restaurant’s name says it all! Spicy Chinese Restaurant serves Szechuan and Hunan cuisines that are famous for using chili peppers to make dishes pop out with bold flavors and mouthwatering spice. Some dishes are also known to have this sweet and tangy undertones that bring more depth to the spiciness of each dish.

    IMAGE from Spicy Chinese Restaurant 

    However, if your friends dragged you to try on spicy food but you’re not a fan of it, you may also opt for their Cantonese dishes characterized by more natural and fresh flavors.

    The Spicy Chinese Restaurant serves a wide variety of dishes from stir-fried noodles and vegetables to Yangzhou fried rice which are among the popular items in their menu. Enjoy these with your friends, family, or even your co-workers as the restaurant welcomes groups of people for a casual meal.

    IMAGE from Spicy Chinese Restaurant 

    They even have lazy Susan turntables that allow you to comfortably share your meals over good conversation with everyone on your group.

    IMAGE from Spicy Chinese Restaurant

    With a lot of Chinese restaurants popping out in the Metro, trust that the Spicy Chinese Restaurant will satisfy your late-night cravings for Szechuan and Hunan’s spicy plates and bowls of dishes!

    General Information

  • Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City (Near Yakal Street)
  • 0938-066-6999
  • 3:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.
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