November 16, 2018

Tap Station in BGC: A Pub That Presents Wide Array of Beers

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  • If you want to unwind and indulge in good drinks after a tough day at work, Tap Station is a pub where you can definitely fancy a beer. It’s located along Forbes Town Road in Bonifacio Global City.

    Tap Station is now a go-to pub for some great beers

    Tap Station boasts a wide array of beers that are served from beer taps with 25 different choices to pick from. The beer names are freely inscribed on a board above the counter that will surely make you feel overwhelmed.

    Owned by Rosemary and Morgan Kallefjord, Tap Station offers foreign craft beers imported mostly from Belgium, England, Prague, and Germany–places where they roamed around in the past to locate great beers for their business. They also run a small brewery named Craft Revolt in Tagaytay, where they produce original beers to serve in their bars.

    During our visit, we have tried one of the best seller beers, Hard Day (Php 235), which is #11 on the board. This brew from Craft Revolt is easy to drink, which is good for novices. Beer aficionados will definitely be hooked on its distinct taste as well.

    Hard Day (Php 235)

    However, if you are not yet satisfied and want to try more, the Beer Flight (Php 345) will let you savor six various beers of your choice. This time, you can try the imported ones.

    Beer Flight (Php 345)

    When it comes to food, Tap Station has a humble menu offering snacks that are perfect to pair with all of your beer favorites.

    Take the  Sausage Deluxe (P795), for example, a platter of different kinds of sausages from Santis. The fries do not become stale even when you leave them for minutes, and the fresh vegetables complement well to the juicy and tender sausages.

    Sausage Deluxe (P795)

    Meanwhile, the Cheese Plank (Php 645) is a must-try, too. This one is served with bread and has generous slices of a variety of cheese. Great with the incredibly sweet oranges, the cheeses have their own unique flavor to completely enjoy the ongoing revelry.

    Cheese Plank (Php 645) 

    Everyone will surely bother to stop by once they pass the area–all thanks to the Tap Station’s quite aesthetic open interiors, decorated with spellbinding and fancy fixtures that the owners have collected from their travels abroad.

    The place is very airy, perfect for some pregaming

    A great hangout place for some pre-gaming, Tap Station has a casual setting and a restful ambiance that will totally keep guests coming back!

    For details and reservations, call 946-37-97 or visit their Facebook page: and email at 

     This also appears on Philippine Primer Japanese magazine November 2018 issue

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