January 07, 2017

XO46 Heritage Bistro: A Real Taste of Filipino

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  • XO46 Heritage Bistro, a showroom of Filipino cuisine, is the place to go if you want to see, taste, and feel the Filipino culture and heritage through the dining scene.

    With branches in Makati, Century Mall, Estancia Mall, SM Aura, and Conrad Mall, XO46 is put up by Andrew and Sandee Masigan, owner of The Advent Manila Hospitality Group in the Philippines, out of his desire to showcase Filipino cuisine in a different environment. Calling on his family’s culinary treasure trove of dishes, Andrew spent the better part of the year in intensive research and development. He also borrowed a page from the dinner service at his aunt’s house, white gloves, beautiful tables capes, and a distinctly “honorific” style of service that XO46 is now known for.


    Going in, the interior design of the restaurant might transport you back to the Spanish colonial period. Every thing inside speaks the best of the Philippines – from local made table, chairs, accents, and decorations to the food and the glaring portraits of the Philippine presidents hanging on the wall. XO46 celebrates tradition and the old slow way of doing things. The waiters and attendants are all dressed up in Baro’t saya and Barong Tagalog, the traditional Filipino clothing that originated in Spanish times. They’ll greet you in all courteousness and warm smiles in old Filipino dialect – all these make the dining experience in XO46 an enjoyable and memorable one.


    The couple’s (Andrew and Sandee) efforts to uphold and enhance Filipino cuisine haven’t gone unnoticed. Tattler Magazine counts XO46 as one of its best restaurants in Asia, Esquirre Magazine also cited XO46 as one of the 10 best restaurants in the country, as with Dine Asia Magazine’s top 100 food establishments in Asia.


     Binawang Na Sotanghon At Manok (P235)


    Sakusaku meat pie can enjoy adults and children Empanadang Bilbao Ala Viga (P435)


    The most popular Kare Kareng Crispy Tadyang (P550)


    Okoy, (P195) which shrimp and vegetables were crushed is a familiar taste to Japanese people

    A new XO46 Heritage Bistro recently opened in Conrad Mall, Makati to rave reviews. Soon it will open its doors at the Fort and Ortigas Center as well.

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